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Ride our water rollercoaster and jet off into the stratosphere


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Get ready for a series of high-powered water jets to take you on an aquatic roller coaster ride. The Master Blaster rides are gravity-defying rides that rocket guest up to 15 metres above ground level.

Start off at either White Water Wadi or Flood River Flyer, and ride through the other Master Blasters: Flying Falls, Falaj Fury, Jebel Lookout, Wadi Leap, Hos'N Hurler, Falcon Fury, Thunder Rapids, Rushing Rapids, Wadi Twister, Wadi Basher and the Tunnel of Doom.

Please note that the maximum weight limit on the Master Blaster for a single ring is 120 kg (264 lbs) and for a double ring is 180 kg (396 lbs). Children taller than 1.1m but weighing less than 50kg (110 lb) need to be accompanied by another rider in a double ring.

All guests must be taller than 1.1 metres. Children under 1.1 metres can still have fun at Breaker's Bay wave pool, Juha's Journey river, Juha's Dhow & Lagoon family play area, and Action River.

For safety information on this attraction, please click here.

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