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Jumeirah Sceirah

The new Jumeirah Sceirah is now open. It’s longer, scarier and twice the fun!


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With two tandem slides, guests first climb the 32 metre tower to enjoy a spectacular view of the entire waterpark. Once on top of the tower, two capsules await two guests to ride at the same time.

Just like the old Jumeirah Sceirah, guests must cross their arms and legs as the doors of the capsules close, unaware of what awaits them. The feeling of anxiety and anticipation rushes through them as the countdown begins.

Before they know it, the floor beneath them opens and both guests slides down the 120 metre slide at an astonishing speed of 80 km/h! In a few seconds, guests reach the bottom of the slide with a rush of excitement! 

During busy periods, the Jumeirah Sceirah queue will close 45 minutes before the park's closing time.

For safety information on this attraction, please click here.

Guests must be taller than 1.1 metres to be allowed on this slide. The maximum weight on Jumeirah Sceirah is 136.4 kilograms (300 pounds).

Guests are welcome to use their Go Pro cameras on all rides except on Jumeirah Sceirah.


Click here to watch the new Jumeirah Sceirah in action

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