Wild Wadi

About Us

Learn all about Dubai's most iconic waterpark

Wild Wadi

About Us

Learn all about Dubai's most iconic waterpark

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Our promise to you

Whenever you visit Wild Wadi, our aim is for you to experience the spirit of our waterpark through our colleagues and services. Discover our brand promise.


Our Awards

Wild Wadi is the first waterpark to be ISO certified. Throughout the last 10 years, the park has won many local and International awards for its safety, technology & innovation, quality, training, and human resources programs.

Wild Wadi won The 2007 Dubai Quality Award Gold.


Fun Facts

Wild Wadi is all about fun and making our guests’ day fun and memorable. The park has many fun facts that you might not know about, click here to find out!


Tell us what you think

Have you been to Wild Wadi and enjoyed your day with us? Tell us about your experience and share it with everyone!


Our Colleagues

Our mission is to make your day Fun and Memorable! And to ensure good service and interaction with our international guests, our colleagues come from 41 different nationalities, bringing with them a great wealth of knowledge and cultural diversity.


Wild Wadi and Sustaining the Environment

Wild Wadi is committed to being environmentally conscious and recognises the importance of protecting the environment for which the very nature of our business relies on.


Caring: CSR & Community

We believe in not only making our guests' day fun and memorable, but also to be thoughtful and enerous by giving back to the community through many different events and occasions.


Wild Wadi Rules