Five great family-friendly things to do in Nanjing

Water parks, aquariums and museums for young and old(er)


Five great family-friendly things to do in Nanjing

Water parks, aquariums and museums for young and old(er)

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Rich with history and full of attractions that appeal to children and adults alike, Nanjing is a city that’s ripe for exploration. Whether you’re seeking a culturally stimulating tour around ancient sites or high-octane water park thrills, our guide can point you in the direction of Nanjing’s best family-friendly activities.


Dinosaur journey

Travelling back to the Jurassic era via colossal dinosaur bones and ancient fossils is guaranteed to fascinate everyone. Nanjing Paleontology Museum is one of the world’s largest, and home to awe-inspiring displays of the giant beasts that once roamed the earth. The star of the show is a 21m-long Mamenchisaurus skeleton that dominates the main museum hall.


Splashing around

Happy Magic Water Cube’s rides and slides will entertain all ages. This water park – in pretty Tangshan, on the edge of Nanjing – has a range of different experiences including the daredevil AquaLoop, the world’s only looping waterslide. Those who want to try their surfing skills should head to FlowRider, where they can ride the crest of an artificial wave.

16-9 family Waterpark


Heritage exploration

Get a taste for Nanjing’s fascinating heritage and history at Gan’s Great Courtyard, a 200-year-old estate that was once home to the Qing Dynasty’s noble Gan family. Most of the rooms’ interiors have been lovingly restored to their former glory with mahogany furnishings and exquisite antiques throughout. There are beautifully manicured gardens with ponds and small boutiques where you’ll find local craftspeople creating and selling their wares.


Underwater marvels

Nanjing Underwater World is home to nearly 10,000 fascinating creatures from the deep. Spot the waddling inhabitants of Penguin Island and take a stroll through its 74m-long underwater tunnel as sharks glide overhead. The Jellyfish Palace teems with an incredible array of colourful, ethereal creatures that are enchantingly illuminated.   

16-9 family Underwater world


High society

Rising into the clouds above Nanjing, Purple Mountain dominates the city’s skyline. A natural treasure, it is home to key historical sites and cultural relics such as the Xiaoling Mausoleum of the Ming Dynasty and Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum. Don’t miss the beautiful botanical garden too, which blooms with decorative and medicinal plants.   

16-9 family Purple Mountain Nanjing


Set on the south bank of the Yangtze River, Jumeirah Nanjing is an ideal base for a family break in the city.