How to plan an unforgettable wedding in Bali

The Indonesian island makes for a perfect wedding location


How to plan an unforgettable wedding in Bali

The Indonesian island makes for a perfect wedding location

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Steeped in natural beauty, the Indonesian island of Bali is scattered with thousands of Hindu temples tucked between lush rice fields, flourishing rainforests and momentous cliffs. Boasting mesmerising sunsets and waterfalls, Bali is a dream destination for an enchanting wedding overlooking crystal waves and golden sands.


Pick the ideal date

The first step to planning a Balinese wedding is choosing the right time of year for your ceremony. Bali’s wet season falls between November and March, so April to October are usually the best months to get married without the worry of rainfall or high humidity bothering you and your guests.

If you do choose to marry in the rainy season, you can hire a traditional Balinese rain-stopper to will away showers and ensure blue skies on your big day.

Blessing ceremony


Choose a memorable setting

With jungles, sandy beaches and serene, ancient temples sprinkling the landscape, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to beautiful backdrops for your special day.
Jumeirah Bali sits on Dreamland Beach on the southern Bukit peninsula, the best place to watch the sun dip beneath the horizon. Hidden between limestone cliffs, the white sand beach is a dreamy setting for a ceremony during golden hour, when the setting sun casts pink and orange hues across the turquoise sea.

Alternatively, you can walk down the aisle at the top of Uluwatu’s cliffs for infinite views of the Indian Ocean spread out in front of you.

Weddings at Jumeirah Bali


Consider your guest’s accommodation

When deciding on a destination wedding, it's important to ensure your international guests have somewhere comfortable to stay. Nestled on the island’s southern coast, Jumeirah Bali has the unique benefit of being a spacious all-villa resort, where families and friends can relax among ponds brimming with colourful fish and sprawling tropical gardens inspired by the mediaeval Majapahit Empire.

From interconnecting two-villa complexes to an elevated sunset villa, each space has its pool, an elegant terrace with spectacular views and a beautifully landscaped garden. Capturing the essence of indoor-outdoor living with alfresco showers and sloping pendhapa pavilions, our resort is the ideal sanctuary for your guests to relax in before and after your big day.

Sunset Villa at Jumeirah Bali


Ensure your guests are entertained

While the jewel of the trip will of course be your wedding day, your guests will need to find other activities to enjoy while you and your partner are getting everything in order for the ceremony.

Our Arabian-inspired sanctuary, Talise Spa, features calming treatment rooms, saunas and steam rooms and an ornately-decorated Turkish hammam where your guests can receive soothing treatments or simply relax.

Talise Spa at Jumeirah Bali


At our fitness centre, your guests can get active in a fitness class or yoga session with our master yogi, or undertake guided courses elsewhere on traditional Indonesian art forms, such as batik.

Younger guests on the other hand can make their way to the Peafowl Kids Club where they are able to play freely among our gardens and join enriching craft workshops and yoga classes. They can also connect with Balinese culture by trying on traditional Balinese attire or making their own hand-painted baskets called keben. Guests of all ages will enjoy our private beach and sensational dining venues.

Plan an enchanting Balinese wedding ceremony with your loved ones at Jumeirah Bali.