Animal adventures in Hatta

Book a day trip from Dubai to Hatta and meet the region's charming natural inhabitants


Animal adventures in Hatta

Book a day trip from Dubai to Hatta and meet the region's charming natural inhabitants

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Set in the Hajar mountains and known for its rich heritage and outdoor adventures, Hatta is also home to a wonderful range of animal encounters that make for a perfect family visit. Venture out for a rustic day in the company of Hatta’s charming natural inhabitants with a tour of the fascinating honeybee garden, a ride through the mountains on horseback or simply roam free amongst the native wildlife.


Native wildlife

Around a two-hour drive from Dubai, nestled between Ajman and Ras al-Khaimah, the Hatta Mountain Range is a hub of wildlife specific to the region, drawing interest from prestigious institutions around the world, including the likes of London’s Natural History Museum. The Hatta Water Dam was built in 1990 close to the Oman border to provide a source of electricity and water to the surrounding area. The resulting turquoise lake has created a beautiful attraction loved by nature, and popular for kayaking. Close by, the Hatta Mountain Conservation Area is a protected site home to rare flora and fauna including the Arabian Tahr, a local breed of mountain goat. According to ecologist Brigitte Howarth of Zayed University, this mountainous landscape is home to over a third of the UAE’s arthropods.

One creature in particular worth keeping an eye out for is the emirate’s iconic and endangered species; the black and white Arabian gazelle. These elegant, slender animals are heavily protected by law and can reach speeds of up to 65 kilometres. Alongside these beautiful creatures, the rocky landscape here is also home to Arabian oryx, a white desert antelope with two long horns whose beauty has inspired local poetry and painting. Take a scenic hike through the mountain foothills with your camera to hand to capture the dusty hues and awe-inspiring vistas.

Animal adventures in Hatta Arabian Oryx

Hatta Honeybee Garden and Discovery Centre

An enthusiastic team of educational beekeepers will host you at the Honeybee Garden and Discovery Centre, to begin your journey into the complex yet harmonious world of bees. Uncover the fascinating relationships that are built within the hive and learn what takes place behind the scenes during the intricate process of honey production and the life cycle of honeybees.

The farm has been producing the region’s much-loved Hatta Honey for over 25 years and provides protective clothing, an educational video and a tour of the trees where the bees harvest their nectar.

Animal adventures in Hatta honeybee farm


Mountain excursion with Hatta Horses

Arabian horses are revered the world over for their striking elegance, agility and poise. Exploring Hatta’s rugged landscape by horseback is a truly unique and wonderful way to connect with nature while exploring the picturesque surroundings.

Hatta Horses offers rides for all group sizes with trip times ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours, taking you on a serene tour of the countryside at your own pace. If you’re visiting in a group, be sure to book yourselves in for an al fresco lunch in the wild with delicious local food cooked over a smoky barbeque.

Animal adventures in Hatta hiking mountains

Download a handy map and more exciting activities to explore in Hatta here, or speak to our concierge when you book at Jumeirah Dubai Collection.