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We are recognised as an employer of choice

Thanks to our culture, work environment and HR practices we are recognised globally as a leading employer.

We create a high-performing workplace

Careers are made at Jumeirah and we are dedicated to developing our employees.

We are guided by genuine human values

Our values serve to make us true disruptors in the hospitality industry.

At Jumeirah, we truly care about our employees

We ensure we communicate, recognise, energise and support our employees so that they can advance their careers.

Our employees are central to our success

We foster a culture of nurturing, to motivate and develop our colleagues which in turn creates a high performing workplace.

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Which properties can I check into online?Arrow
How far in advance can I check in online?Arrow
Which documents will I need to check in online?Arrow
How long does online check-in take?Arrow
Is there an age restriction on your online check-in service?Arrow
Should I take a new selfie, or can I upload an existing photo?Arrow
Which payment options are accepted for the pre-authorised payment during the mobile check-in process?Arrow
Can I request a mobile key at the time of online check-in?Arrow
If I have checked in online, will I still need to approach the front desk on arrival? Arrow
What if I do not want to use the mobile check-in service?Arrow
How much time will I save by checking in online?Arrow
Does the mobile check-in solution comply with GDPR? Arrow
Will I be required to provide my Emirates ID card or passport every time I check in or does the system store it for future use? Arrow