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Frequently Asked Questions


Jumeirah Sirius

General Programme Information

1. What is Jumeirah’s loyalty programme called and what does it mean?
Jumeirah’s loyalty programme is called ‘Jumeirah Sirius’ and it has been designed to recognise and reward loyal guests of Jumeirah.

2. What are the benefits and why should I join Jumeirah Sirius?
There are a variety of benefits associated with being a Jumeirah Sirius member, click here to view the full list. Depending on the level of tier Membership, Blue, Silver or Gold, Members are entitled to a number of automatic privileges including savings on dining and lifestyle, complimentary breakfast and late checkout as well as access to special offers and exclusive event invitations throughout the year.

In addition, Members also have the opportunity to collect Jumeirah Sirius Points when they stay, dine, relax or shop with Jumeirah worldwide. These accrued Points can then be used exchanged for rewards and world-class experiences including stays, dinner for two, spa treatments and much more. 

3. How can I apply to be a Member?
There are two ways to sign up for the Jumeirah Sirius Membership:
Online by clicking here or by completing an application form at any Jumeirah hotel or resort.

4. Can anybody apply?
Anyone over the age of 18 can apply to be a Jumeirah Sirius Member. The only exception is colleagues of Jumeirah Group.

5. Are there any charges for this membership?
Membership is free of charge.

6. When can I get my permanent Jumeirah Sirius card?
As soon as you apply, you will receive a welcome email with your e-membership card, which can be downloaded and/or printed out from a Member’s Online Account page at www.jumeirahsirius.com to start collecting Jumeirah Sirius Points, immediately. A permanent Jumeirah Sirius card will be sent to only Jumeirah Sirius Silver & Gold members within 28 working days. 

7. What is the highest status?
There are three levels of Membership: Blue, Silver and Gold with Gold being the highest category and therefore offering the most attractive benefits.

8. Do you have a website?
Jumeirah Sirius has a dedicated website which can be found at www.jumeirahsirius.com. The website contains all the information about Jumeirah Sirius as well as allowing Members to manage their account online with an online profile. Members can also instantly reward themselves by choosing from the special offers available.

9. Can you be a Jumeirah Sirius Member if you do not stay at a Jumeirah hotel?
Absolutely, as there are many ways to collect Jumeirah Sirius Points from dining, shopping or relaxing at Jumeirah.

10. Is Jumeirah Sirius a ‘stay’ only programme?
No. Members can also collect Points when they dine, shop and spa with Jumeirah.

11. Is Jumeirah Sirius a global programme?
Jumeirah Sirius is a truly global programme allowing members to collect and redeem at any Jumeirah hotel and resort around the world as well as at Jumeirah Living, Jumeirah’s serviced residences, Wild Wadi Waterpark, Jumeirah Restaurants and with our global partners.

12. Do you have a Corporate Programme?
We do not currently have a Corporate Programme.

13. Do you have a couple or family membership?
Jumeirah Sirius currently only offers individual memberships.

14. Do you communicate in other languages?
Currently, we only communicate in English.

15. Does my Membership get renewed automatically?
Yes. You do not need to request for a renewal card as it will be sent to your address automatically depending on your Tier Points balance.

16. Can I view my detailed transactions before 1st of June 2015?
As part of the relaunch of Jumeirah Sirius, if you were a Member before June 2015 all of your existing Jumeirah Sirius Points and Tier balance would have been transferred into the new programme.

Any points earned or redeemed from 1st of June 2015 onwards can be viewed via your ‘Jumeirah Sirius Account Statement’, available on www.jumeirahsirius.com.

Registering Your Account

1. How can I register my Membership online?
You can register your membership online by simply logging in to your Jumeirah Sirius account at www.jumeirahsirius.com.

2. How can I get a password?
By registering your account via the Jumeirah Sirius website, you will be able to create a new password to manage your account online.

3. Can I check my account and Points online?
You can check your account and your Points online by logging on to the website with your Jumeirah Sirius Membership number and password.

4. What should I do if I forget my password?
You can select ‘forgot password’ on the Jumeirah Sirius log in page and enter your Membership number and last name, where an email will automatically be sent to you containing a link to reset your password. 

5. Can I change my details online?
Your contact details can be changed online by simply logging on to your profile at www.jumeirahsirius.com with your Jumeirah Sirius Membership number and password.

Collecting Jumeirah Sirius Points

1. How soon can I start collecting Jumeirah Sirius Points?
From the time you complete an application form, you can immediately start to collect Jumeirah Sirius Points.

2. How many Jumeirah Sirius Points can I collect?
Jumeirah Sirius Points are collected at a rate of two (2) Sirius Points and two (2) Tier Points for every one United States Dollars (USD 1) of Eligible Jumeirah Spend, net of government charges and municipality fees and applicable service charges, and after applicable discounts. 

3. How long does it take to see my Points in my account?
Points can take up to 7 days to be credited to your account.

4. Where and when can I use my Jumeirah Sirius Membership card to collect Points?
Whenever you visit a Jumeirah hotel or resort either to stay, dine, spa or shop, you can use your Jumeirah Sirius Membership card. You can also use your card at Jumeirah Living and Wild Wadi Waterpark.

5. What is eligible spend?
Jumeirah Sirius Points are collected on the net billed amount excluding government charges and municipality fees and applicable service charges, and after any discount has been applied to the bill.

6. Can I collect Points for all spend in Jumeirah?
Jumeirah Sirius Points can be collected based on eligible spend on: (I) room charges after check-out; (II) food and beverage charges; (III) spa charges at selected Jumeirah Talise Spas; and (IV) retail purchases at selected Jumeirah-owned retail outlets, at all Jumeirah hotels and resorts and properties managed by Jumeirah Living LLC ("Jumeirah Living"), and outlets owned and/or operated by Jumeirah Restaurants LLC.  Jumeirah Sirius Points can also be collected on entrance fees to Jumeirah’s Wild Wadi Waterpark.

Jumeirah Sirius Points cannot not be collected on membership fees, health club spend at any Jumeirah hotel or resort, spend at The Peak Health Club, London, conference and banqueting functions, corporate and company dining events, service charges, municipality fees paid, tourism fee, gift vouchers which are used as payment, theatre, visit visas, third party charges, paid out charges, other miscellaneous items, restaurants not managed by Jumeirah or franchise restaurants nor food and beverage transactions at either Wild Wadi Waterpark nor at any of the properties managed by Jumeirah Living or at Al Seef Hotel by Jumeirah.

7. Can I collect Points on all types of room bookings?
Jumeirah Sirius Points will be awarded only on an “Eligible Room Rate”.

Eligible Room Rates are those defined as:

  • ‘Publicly available’ or ‘Best Available Rates’ via Jumeirah’s website (www.jumeirah.com), booked directly by any of Jumeirah’s participating hotels. This also includes ‘Best Available Rates’ booked via travel agents and tour operators;
  • Retail packages;
  • ‘Corporate’ and ‘Group’ rates where the Member’s individual hotel bill is invoiced directly to that Member’s company (or to the Member to settle on behalf of his/her company) and the Member is responsible for authorisation of payment at check-out.

 “Non-Eligible” rates do not qualify for Jumeirah Sirius Points and are those defined as:

  • Any booking made using a ‘contracted rate’ through a travel agent or individual wholesale/tour operator, third party websites, airline crew rates, travel industry rates, discounted long stays,  stays using gift vouchers, friends and family rates or employee rates;
  • Circumstances where the guest is a no show (if charged), any barter arrangement, any complimentary arrangement, a gift voucher or third party award or any stay which is a Jumeirah Sirius Reward stay;
  • ‘Corporate’ and ‘Group’ rates involving a group master-billing arrangement where charges for multiple rooms are placed or merged on one hotel bill and billed to a company or common address or settled at check-out by one individual;
  • Selected promotional discounted room rates; or
  • Certain elements of room rates and/or package rates which may not, at Jumeirah’s sole discretion, be eligible for Jumeirah Sirius Points.

8. Why do my Points appear low even though my total bill is high?
As some spend may not be eligible for Points.

9. Can I give my card to my family or friend to use?
The card is not transferable for family members or friends and must only be used by the Member.

10. Can I claim for Points for past purchases?
You can claim for past purchases for a period of up to six months. For room stays, login to our website. For other expenditure, please send a copy of the invoice together with your Membership number to sirius@jumeirahsirius.com.

11. What do you mean by No Points Expiry?
As a Jumeirah Sirius Member your Points will never expire as long as, in the previous 12 months, you have collected Points at any Jumeirah Hotel, Resort or Residence worldwide. 

12. Can I claim for Points for transactions before I became a Jumeirah Sirius Member?
You can claim for previous transactions up to 45 days prior to becoming a Member by sending us a copy of your invoice together with your Membership number.

13. I booked and paid for the stay of a friend. Can I claim the Points on my card?
No, Jumeirah Sirius Points are only collected on additional rooms if: (I) You are staying at the relevant Jumeirah hotel, residence or Jumeirah Living managed property at the same time; (II) all rooms are reserved and registered in your name; and (III) the you pay for all rooms.

14. Can I collect Points on my Jumeirah Sirius card and my airline Miles card?
It is not possible to collect Points on both a Jumeirah Sirius card and an airline miles card.

15. Can my expired Points be re-instated?
Expired Points cannot be re–instated once they have expired from your account.

16. How can I view my statement of Points?
You can view your statement of points at any time by simply logging on to your profile at www.jumeirahsirius.com  

Exchanging Jumeirah Sirius Points

1. Where can I exchange my Jumeirah Sirius Points?
There are a variety of ways to exchange your Jumeirah Sirius Points in order to reward yourself. Choose from luxury stays, dining experiences, spa treatments, shopping on the online Jumeirah Sirius Rewards Store (www.rewards.jumeirahsirius.com), or enjoying family fun at Wild Wadi Waterpark. You can also exchange with our select Jumeirah Sirius Partners allowing you to use your Points for shopping trips, gifts, travel and much more.

2. How can I exchange my Jumeirah Sirius Points?
You can exchange your Jumeirah Sirius Points in one of three ways:
1. By contacting our Jumeirah Sirius Representatives: T: +971 (0) 4 364 7500 E: sirius@jumeirahsirius.com
2. Logging on to our website: www.jumeirahsirius.com
3. Contacting any of our hotel reservations team for Stay Rewards 

Stay Rewards

1. Are there a required number of Jumeirah Sirius Points for Stay Rewards fixed throughout the year?
The number of Jumeirah Sirius Points required for stay redemptions will vary and are subject to availability at time of booking, length of stay and depending on the time of year, participating hotels and room categories booked.  

2. What do you mean by Last Room Availability?
As long as there’s an available room in your preferred hotel, on your desired dates, use your Jumeirah Sirius Points to book and stay. The number of Jumeirah Sirius Points that would be required for your chosen dates will vary at the time of making the booking, based on the length of your stay, the time of year, as well as of course the hotel and room type booked.

3. Can I exchange my Jumeirah Sirius Points without any advanced reservations?
Advance reservations are required for all Stay Rewards. Stay Rewards cannot be requested at time of check in, in lieu of an existing booking, nor at check-out nor during the stay. 

4. What can I exchange my Stay Rewards against?
Stay Rewards may be applied only to the room charges and does not include any food, beverage, incidental expenses or service charges. These charges are to be paid directly by you to the hotel upon check-out.

5. Is there any cancellation policy for my Stay Rewards?
Stay Rewards may be cancelled up to seven (7) days in advance of the stay. A Jumeirah Sirius representative must be informed of any cancellations via email sirius@jumeirahsirius.com.  Jumeirah Sirius Points will then be re-credited to the Member’s account. If the Stay Reward is cancelled within seven (7) days, or a no show, or an early check-out, the member will forfeit Jumeirah Sirius Points redeemed for the first night of the stay. At certain times of the year, depending on special cancellation policy that will be communicated at time of booking, the member will forfeit all the Points redeemed for the entire stay.

Jumeirah Sirius Reward Certificates

1. What can I use my Jumeirah Sirius Reward Certificates against?
Jumeirah Sirius Reward Certificates can only be used against selected services/experiences including Dining, Spa, Retail, Wild Wadi Entrance, Beach Access and Airport Transfer at participating Jumeirah hotels or resorts. 

2. How long are Redemption Certificates valid for?
All Jumeirah Sirius Reward Certificates are subject to availability throughout the year and must be used within six (6) months from the date the Jumeirah Sirius Reward Certificate has been issued, except for promotional awards.

3. How will I receive my Redemption Certificates?
Once you redeem your Jumeirah Sirius Points for Rewards Certificates, an e-certificate will be sent to your email address registered in your profile.

4. How can I use my Reward Certificate at Jumeirah properties? 
You have to present a valid Reward Certificate at time of reservation or before using the service at the participating hotel or resort.

5. Can I cancel my redemption voucher? 
Yes, subject to approval, you can before the date of expiry. Simply contact our Jumeirah Sirius Representatives at sirius@jumeirahsirius.com to arrange this.

6. Can I exchange Jumeirah Sirius Points outside of Jumeirah? 
Yes, you can with selected Jumeirah Sirius Partners. Click here to find out more details. 

7. Can I exchange all my Jumeirah Sirius Points in one redemption? 
Yes, you may redeem all your Points in one transaction for redemptions offered on our website (www.jumeirahsirius.com). 


1. Can I earn Airline miles on my Airline Frequent Flyer Membership?
Yes, you can collect Airline Miles for room stays. Jumeirah partners with a number of airlines in order for you to benefit even further. You can view our list of airline partners here.

2. Can I transfer my Jumeirah Sirius Points to my Frequent Flyer Programme Membership? 
Yes this is possible with selected airline partners including Skywards, All Nippon Airlines, Saudia and Japan Airlines.

3. Can I transfer my Frequent Flyer Programme Mileage to Jumeirah Sirius Points? 
Unfortunately no, you cannot transfer miles to Jumeirah Sirius Points. 

Membership and Validity

1. How long is my Membership valid for?
The Blue Membership is valid indefinitely if you have spend registered within two years and Silver and Gold Memberships are both valid for one year.

2. Can I cancel my Membership?
Your Jumeirah Sirius Membership can be cancelled anytime by contacting the Jumeirah Sirius Team.

3. Can I transfer my Membership or Points?
Unfortunately, you cannot transfer your Jumeirah Sirius Membership or Points.

4. I have lost my card. Can I get a replacement card?
Yes. Simply contact our Jumeirah Sirius Team who will arrange for a replacement to be sent to you.

5. Can I pay to be upgraded to a Gold or Silver Tier?
We currently do not offer this option.

6. Can I get upgraded to a Gold Membership immediately?
This is possible if you collect 40,000 Tier Points for a single transaction.  

7. Can my Membership become deactivated?
Yes. If no spend is registered on the Jumeirah Sirius Card during a 24 month period, the Member’s Account will lapse and only be reactivated upon new spend being registered on the Membership Account.

8. How can I activate it again?
By using your Jumeirah Sirius card when staying, dining, shopping or relaxing with Jumeirah.

9. Can my PA operate and manage my account?
This is possible, but only after the Primary account holder authorises it.

10. What is the difference between the two validity dates on my card?
The Membership expiry is when your Membership Tier is up for renewal and the card expiry is when your physical card is no longer valid. The difference is one month between both dates.

11. Do I have to pay for the delivery of my card?
No, your Membership card will be mailed to you free of charge.  

Customer Service Centre

1. Do you have a customer service centre?
We do have a customer service centre which is available between 8:00 to 00:00 (GMT +4), 7 days a week. 

2. How can I contact them?
You can email the team at Sirius@jumeirahsirius.com  or call to +971 (0) 4 364 7500.

3. Do you have a toll free number?
Jumeirah Sirius has a toll free number for calls from within Dubai only: 800 7474 874.

4. Why do I have to answer security questions?
Security questions are as per policy and legal requirements and ensure that we share your account details with only you. It helps keep your information safe. 

Tier Privileges

1. Can I transfer my benefits to my friends and family if I, as the holder of the card, am not present?
No, you must be present in order for family and friends to benefit.

2. What privileges am I entitled to?
Please click here to view all the benefits entitled based on your Membership tier. 

3. Are there any terms to my benefits usage?
Yes, please click here to visit our Terms and Conditions page.


1. How many tiers does Jumeirah Sirius have?
There are 3 tiers – Blue, Silver and Gold with Gold being our most elite tier.

2. What are Tier Points?
Tier Points are the status currency of the Jumeirah Sirius Programme and are used to calculate eligibility for the Blue, Silver and Gold Memberships.

3. How can I collect Tier Points?
Tier Points are collected simultaneously with your Jumeirah Sirius Points. Two Tier Points will be collected by Members for every one United States Dollar (USD 1) of eligible Jumeirah Spend, net of government charges, municipality fees and applicable service charges, and after applicable discounts for eligible non-promotional spend, tracked within Jumeirah. 

 4. How many Tiers Points will I need to reach the next Membership level?
Progressing through Jumeirah Sirius from Blue to Gold has also been streamlined for our Members, new and existing; the Tier journey for Jumeirah Sirius will be as follows:

  • Blue to Silver Tier – a Member needs 10,000 Tier Points
  • Blue to Gold Tier – a Member needs 40,000 Tier Points (in one stay/transaction)
  • Silver to Gold Tier – a Member needs 30,000 Tier Points
  • Gold Members require 30,000 Tier Points to maintain their Gold Tier Status for a further year
  • Silver Members require 10,000 Tier Points to maintain their Silver Tier Status for a further year 

5. Can Tier Points be redeemed?
No, Tier Points only determine the level of your Membership.

6. What happens if I have not collected the required Tier Points?
Members will be downgraded one level.

7.  When will my tiers be evaluated?
The tiers will be evaluated on the date of your Membership expiry.  

8. How many Tier Points are deducted at the time of upgrade, renewal and downgrade?
Your Tier Points balance will be reset to ‘0’ at the time of any tier activity i.e. upgrade, Renewal or downgrade. 


1. Can I view my statement of Points via the website?
Yes, you can. Simply log on to your profile at www.jumeirahsirius.com to view you statement at any time.

2. How often do you send statements of Points and how are these sent?
Your Membership and Points details are communicated within each Jumeirah Sirius email sent on a regular basis. However, you can view your statement via our website at any time.

3. Do you display Points which are about to expire?
Yes, we do. We advise Members of points due to expire via email communications and on our website.


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