The perfect itinerary for a family week in Capri

Follow in the footsteps of Hollywood starlets and Roman emperors.


The perfect itinerary for a family week in Capri

Follow in the footsteps of Hollywood starlets and Roman emperors.

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Home to the island’s only two-Michelin starred restaurant and a hotly anticipated ZUMA collaboration, Capri Palace Jumeirah offers a family the opportunity to experience la dolce vita from a striking vantage point overlooking the Bay of Naples. Though you might be justified in succumbing to the temptation of whiling away six days by the pool, the island has much to offer the family that seeks novelty and adventure as much as rest and relaxation. Here is our recommended itinerary for a sensational family week in Capri.


Day one

The first day of any family holiday should always be dedicated to decompressing and making yourselves feel at home. Look out over the bay and gently suggest to your children that the tranquil waters of the Bay of Naples might hold more interest than their phones. Maybe with a refreshing drink in hand at the Bar degli Artisti you might be finally persuaded that yes, your out of office email has been set up properly and no, you don’t need to check it again. Sip, relax, breathe.

The pool at Capri Palace Jumeirah


Day two

The adventure begins with a scenic walk up Mount Tiberius following in the footsteps of the Roman Emperor who made the island his home. His enormous and well-guarded complex of Villa Jovis stands as a testament to 1st century Roman architecture, and the paranoid mindset of an emperor constantly worried about protecting against would-be plotters and spies. All that walking might build up a thirst; a cool lemon granita provides an instant refresh.

Villa Jovis on Capri


Day three

The kids have scattered across the palace in a complicated game of “Emperors and Assassins” but you can leave them be in their imaginary world with our team because today is dedicated to parents. After spending the morning relaxing by the pool, the pair of you embark on a ritual treatment in the afternoon. A personalised couple’s massage is followed by a facial and manicure at Capri Medical Spa. This sense of tranquil inner peace is extended through the gorgeous Mediterranean cuisine at L’Olivo, where two Michelin star Chef Andrea Migliaccio and his team provide you the fruits of the sea's bounty for the ultimate dining experience.

A couple's massage at the spa at Capri Palace Jumeirah


Day four

After several days in paradise, you have the strength to resolve even the most heated of debates amongst your children to declare which one is the real emperor. You cannot foresee your “Triumvirate” solution leading to any problems down the line. Now is the time to take to the sea and experience the island by boat with a chartered trip to the Blue Grotto. Your captain guides you under the low overhang and you are instantly transported to an otherworldly cavern. You knew water was blue before; you didn’t know just how blue it could be.

The Blue Grotto in Capri


Day five

It is time to embrace your inner Grace Kelly as your family steps into a classic 1950’s sports car, zipping through Capri town for an afternoon exploring meandering lanes and pretty boutiques. Expect an impressive lineup of Italian fashion houses including Gucci, Prada and Versace, as well as local designers including Amina Rubinacci. Of course, no Capri haul is complete without a pair of cropped trousers.

Shopping in Capri Town


Day six

The children’s imperial power sharing agreement, once uneasy, has cemented to a firm alliance as they sling on their snorkels and pool their resources together to seek out local garfish. Having all had your share of adventuring, Il Riccio Restaurant & Beach Club provides a picturesque backdrop for a final day of pure relaxation. As you gather around the table to feast on fresh seafood, you discuss the adventures you’ve had with happy hearts. Though your flight home beckons, you know that the spirit of the island and fond memories of the week will live on in each of you.

Dining at Il Riccio restaurant in the sunset

If you’re longing for a memorable island adventure with your family, our team at Capri Palace Jumeirah will be delighted to help you plan your dream holiday.