How to spend an evening in Capri

Unforgettable nights on Italy's most stylish island


How to spend an evening in Capri

Unforgettable nights on Italy's most stylish island

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From the beating heart of downtown Capri to the luxurious retreat of Capri Palace Jumeirah, it’s easy to see why evenings on the island are all about embracing every twilight moment.

When the sun sets over the tranquil waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, the island of Capri comes alive. Spend sun-drenched days exploring the stunning coastline before immersing yourself in Capri’s captivating night lifestyle. From exquisite dining venues to unforgettable cultural experiences, evenings offer a tapestry of unforgettable activities. Here’s where to soak up the island’s unique allure under the stars.


A perfect day trip at sea in Capri

Take in the island’s natural beauty as you spend the morning cruising along its stunning coastline and hidden coves. Enjoy swimming and snorkelling in the glistening azure waters and allow the gentle embrace of the ocean breeze to inspire your appetite before sitting down to a luxurious Mediterranean lunch at Il Riccio. Serving sparkling fresh seafood on its waterside terrace, this chic restaurant and beach club offers a true taste of Italian coastal living.

Lounge view of Dior pop up boutique at Capri Palace Jumeirah


An evening walk in the heart of Capri

As day transitions to night, the Piazzetta comes to life. Situated at the heart of the town of Capri, this iconic square is especially enchanting come evening when stylish aperitivo cafes and bars welcome both locals and visitors with open arms. Lovingly referred to by islanders as salotto del mondo – or the ‘parlour of the world’ – it’s a place where laughter and lively conversations fill the air, creating a friendly ambiance that’s testament to Capri’s welcoming spirit.

Sunset view of Capri harbour in Italy


The best of Italian cuisine in Capri

Continue your evening at Capri Palace Jumeirah, where two of the island's most distinguished dining options promise two very distinct culinary journeys. Embark on a gastronomic adventure at Zuma, an izakaya-style dining experience where contemporary Japanese cooking is complemented by innovative cocktails and breathtaking panoramas of Ischia Island and the Gulf of Naples. Meanwhile, two-Michelin-starred L’Olivo celebrates Mediterranean flavours amid sophisticated surroundings.

Zuma Capri at Jumeirah Capri Palace in Italy


Art and culture evenings

As a source of artistic inspiration, and once the sun has sunk into the sea it’s time to unveil Capri's cultural soul. The island’s galleries and independent shops are filled with eye-catching canvases, locally made handicrafts and artisanal homewares that make for striking souvenirs that you’ll treasure long after you return home. The opportunity for art appreciation continues at Capri Palace Jumeirah, where The White Museum hosts a striking collection of modern works curated by hotel founder Tonino Cacace. Displayed throughout the property, pieces range from Arnaldo Pomodoro's 40m-long seabed-inspired installation running alongside the swimming pool to Giorgio De Chirico's surrealist painting "Hector and Andromache."


Experience Capri's night scene

For those seeking evening entertainment, the famous taverna Anema e Core–a favourite of the jetset including Katie Perrie and Jennier Lopez among others–plays the soundtrack to a sensational night out. As live music performances take to the stage, you’ll hear traditional Neapolitan songs mingle with classic and contemporary hits from around the world. As dawn approaches, don’t miss the chance to step up to the dancefloor and immerse yourself in the contagious energy of this vibrant venue.


A magical sunrise experience

As the night draws to a close, let the promise of new sights and activities inspire you. Wander past the bars in Piazzetta to grab an oven-fresh croissant and stroll back home via Marina Piccola to watch as the sun’s first rays touch the iconic Faraglioni rocks, bathing the picturesque bay in an ethereal glow. Indulge in a moment of tranquillity, enhanced by the delectable, buttery flavour of a warm Neapolitan pastry.

Sunrise over Faraglioni rocks in Capri

Blending culinary artistry, cultural attractions and live music nights, Capri Palace Jumeirah orchestrates a symphony of elegance and flair.