ActivityThe White Museum

Explore a dispersed modern art collection assembled by hotel founder Tonino Cacace to reflect the spirit of Anacapri


Capri Palace Jumeirah is first and foremost a hotel and art destination, thanks to the works assembled by its founder, Tonino Cacace. His collection is called The White Museum, a dispersed gallery that recounts the spirit of Anacapri and the vision of those who wish to offer clients not only hospitality, but also the privilege to live history.

Step foot in the hotel, and you at once come face to face with a monumental artwork resembling a seabed – a fibreglass Atlantis by Arnaldo Pomodoro. The 40m long work was transported in pieces by trucks and assembled into a single piece. Placed by the swimming pool, it allows glimpses of the mosaic pool floor by Velasco Vitali. The helmet by Mimmo Paladino, once in the Castel dell'Ovo, sits next to the sliding doors and the Ettore e Andromaca, a painting by Giorgio De Chirico from 1960, is at reception.

The large painting by Allen Jones that hangs over the bar, depicts a female mannequin coming out of its canvas. The traditional boat with two prows used in the past to enter and exit the Blue Grotto is a work by Fabrizio Plessi. Entitled Azzurra, it is a powerful reminder of the Mediterranean. In the hall, the Louis XVI chair confirms that the necessary level of madness to live life to its fullest has been reached. Finally, works by Warhol, Magritte, Miró Kandinsky and Mondrian lie in several of the suites.

The Capri Palace art museum awaits you.