Six traditional delicacies to try in Frankfurt

From Frankfurter Würstchen to Handkäs mit Musik, try these traditional specialities while you’re here

Most cities are best explored through the flavours of their local cuisine and Frankfurt is no exception. Famous the world over for its cured meats, the city is also a melting pot of global cuisines thanks to its diverse population – yet its traditional dishes still rule supreme. From Frankfurter Würstchen to Handkäs mit Musik, these are the classic Frankfurt specialities to try while you’re in town.


Frankfurter Würstchen

When in Frankfurt, you cannot miss the opportunity to sample possibly one of the world’s most famous sausages in its city of origin. You’ve guessed it; Frankfurt is the birthplace of the delicious, lightly-smoked, thin pork sausages with cult worldwide status. Much like Champagne, this particular style of sausage is protected by law, meaning that only sausages produced in Frankfurt may be referred to as Frankfurters, giving you all the more reason to try them during your visit.


Frankfurter Rindswurst

A second local delicacy to add to the list is Frankfurt’s much loved Rindswurst, a beef substitute to the original Würstchen, created by Gref-Völsing in 1894 to satisfy growing demand from the city’s Jewish community for a kusher alternative to the city’s favourite snack. Now, the beef iteration has become equally famous as a traditional delicacy in Frankfurt.

Jumeirah Frankfurt Max on One Grillroom


Frankfurter Kranz

Don’t let the name mislead you; this is not another sausage but in fact a famous, rich and creamy local “Crown Cake” which celebrates Frankfurt’s roots as the German Empire’s “Crown City”. This iconic desert is presented as a ring of layered sponge cake with a jam filling, smothered in buttercream icing and sprinkled with toasted almond flakes, hazelnuts and caramelised nut flakes known as Krokant. On top of the cake sits a crown of bright ruby-red cherries, in a nod to its regal name.

Traditional crown cake delicacy in Frankfurt


Frankfurter Brenten

For a festive sweet treat, Frankfurt’s famous Brenten is a wonderfully soft, square-shaped biscuit with a cake-like quality that is sold during the festive period. The recipe dates back to the Middle Ages and is a delicate blend of marzipan, sugar and honey mixed with fragrant orange blossom and rose water. Pretty patterns are printed into the surface to celebrate the festive season.


Grüne Soße

An unlikely hero in such a meat-oriented city, another of Frankfurt’s cult classics is grüne soße, or green sauce in English. The light sage coloured sauce is a combination of sour cream, eggs and seven special herbs which are grown locally and are also protected by EU law. The sauce is usually layered onto boiled egg halves, boiled potatoes or spread over Schnitzels.

Green sauce traditional delicacy in Frankfurt


Handkäs mit Musik

This is a simple snack or side dish but still not a dish to be missed, and you certainly won’t miss its punchy aroma. Handkäs mit Musik translates literally to “hand cheese and music” in English and originates from Hesse. Balls of sour milk cheese are hand-cupped into small balls and served soaked in a strong onion vinaigrette.

Whether you’re visiting Frankfurt for work or leisure, find out more about the city’s traditional delicacies when you book with Jumeirah Frankfurt.