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As advocates of quality time, we have spent many years creating memorable experiences for guests of all ages to enjoy in some of the world’s most beautiful destinations. These are the moments and memories we carry with us throughout our lives. From learning how to master tennis to helping nurture turtles back into the wild, below is a selection of our favourite activities in Dubai, the Maldives, Mallorca and Bali for parents and children to enjoy together.

Ace a tennis match at Mouratoglou Tennis Centre, Dubai

Tennis isn’t just learning to string rallies together, it's about finding the joy in that satisfying vibration when your racquet connects with the ball. Our tennis pros will help you both hone your forehand, backhand slices and volley drops with Carlos Alcaraz finesse

Practise spiritual yoga at Jumeirah Bali

Bali is steeped in rich heritage, traditions and inspiring architecture, making it a wonderful place to share spiritual experiences with your children. Our on-site Kids Club offers an array of exciting arts and crafts and activities nestled in the leafy grounds of our resort–modelled on the water palaces from the Majapahit Empire.

The Simhasana or Lion pose involves crouching down on all fours, breathing deeply, then opening your mouth wide to stick out your tongue on the exhale, imitating the roar of a mighty lion. It will be an intriguing test of your child’s self-control to see whether they can do this without actually roaring.

Yoga at Jumeirah Bali

Discover Jumeirah Olhahali Island’s Dive Centre

What can you see from inside a semi-submerged submarine? Perhaps a school of shimmering butterfly fish darting amongst the colourful coral, or the graceful movement of reef sharks. A debrief with our expert marine biologist will inspire a lifetime of enthusiasm in conservation.

Cook up a storm at Shimmers, Olhahali Island

The perfect pizza is a topic of endless debate. You can preach “less is more” all you want, but we can guarantee your child will likely enjoy adding as many toppings as possible. As you see them pile on crispy pepperoni, fresh green peppers, deep briny olives, you may be converted to the more is more approach. With any luck, they’ll let you have a bite when it's out of the oven.

Children cooking in the Maldives

Learn to windsurf at Jumeirah Port Soller Hotel & Spa

When learning to windsurf, the key is to remember: “Don’t jibe before you can tack.” Whatever the case, be prepared to fall into the water a lot. It’s all part of the fun - lying in the water and gazing over at the stunning Tramuntana mountains. Besides, one of the most inspiring things about children is how they can fall over and get back up over and over again without losing heart.

Get crafty at Jumeirah Beach Hotel’s Kids Club

The ancient Japanese art of origami serves as a paeon to the perfection of precision, and a testament to the incredible frustration that your paper swan did not turn out how you imagined it. Luckily, children’s imaginations are boundless, and your child will be sure to appreciate the “seahorse” you made for them, provided you let them paint your face in return.

Join a turtle rehabilitation project at Madinat Jumeirah

There is nothing more fulfilling than returning a turtle to the ocean. Except, perhaps, doing so in the company of your child, their eyes wide with enthusiasm, taking on a newfound appreciation for the role we all must play in the preservation of wildlife and our natural heritage.

The Al Naseem Turtle Rehabilitation Project

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