The story of Bali’s Rindik music

Explore the captivating world of Indonesia’s enchanting Rindik music firsthand during your stay at Jumeirah Bali.


The story of Bali’s Rindik music

Explore the captivating world of Indonesia’s enchanting Rindik music firsthand during your stay at Jumeirah Bali.

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Elevate your downtime with a soothing soundtrack that takes you to the heart of Bali’s musical heritage. Rindik music offers a chance to disconnect from modern-day distractions and explore an ancient art form. Find out more about this intriguing instrument and enjoy a fascinating musical journey at Jumeirah Bali


Uncover an age-old musical tradition 

Believed to be a gift from the gods to the island of Bali, and deeply rooted in Balinese-Hindu culture, Rindik music has been an integral part of religious ceremonies, social gatherings, and lively celebrations for centuries. 


Comprising 10 bamboo xylophones of different lengths and sizes suspended in a wooden frame, this distinctive instrument reflects the cultural heritage of this Indonesian paradise. With it’s calming melodies promoting serenity and a sense of spiritual connection, the sounds of Rindik music resonate through the island’s lush landscapes and Jumeirah Bali provides the perfect place to listen. 

Aerial view of Jumeirah Bali in Indonesia



Majapahit architecture meets musical bliss

At Jumeirah Bali, we’ve seamlessly blended the grandeur of Majapahit architecture with contemporary luxury. Our charming villas draw inspiration from the island’s historic water palaces nestled within lush tropical gardens. With the stunning Indian Ocean as a breathtaking backdrop, we invite you to explore this thoughtfully designed retreat – where Balinese culture is celebrated at every turn. In this enchanting environment, you’ll find the perfect setting to delve into a deeper understanding and appreciation of Rindik music.



Discover Rindik music at Jumeirah Bali

Led by experienced instructors and skilled local musicians, Jumeirah Bali hosts Rindik music sessions on Wednesdays and Saturdays. These immersive experiences range from 30 to 60 minutes and offer guests the opportunity to explore the fundamental techniques, scales, melodies, and rhythms that make this traditional music form so charming. 

Remember, exploring Rindik is not just an educational journey – it's a sensory awakening and a chance to forge a profound connection with Bali's soul.

Here’s what you can expect during your sensory session:



Step 1: Get Acquainted with Rindik

To begin, guests are introduced to this distinctive instrument and shown how it can be played to create a harmonious symphony. Then there’s a moment to dive into the history and cultural significance of Rindik music, as our experts share interesting stories of its origins and evolution

Couple taking part in a Rindik music class at Jumeirah Bali



Step 2: Exploring Musical Notes and Melodies

Our musicians will demonstrate how playing Rindik is similar to the art of playing the piano. Then be guided through the sound and significance of the musical notes that weave the enchanting tapestry of Rindik melodies.


Step 3: Try Your Hand at Rindik

In the final part, a personalised segment offers guests the unique opportunity to learn even more about the intricacies of this musical tradition. Under the guidance of our experienced instructors, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can learn to play magical tunes on the Rindik and experience the joy of creating your own harmonies.

Couple taking part in a Bali Rindik music at Jumeirah Bali


You'll quickly notice how history, peace, and musical magic come together seamlessly at Jumeirah Bali. As you wrap up your musical exploration of the captivating realm of Rindik, you'll carry away a richer connection to the essence of Balinese culture.

Unwind in our Majapahit-inspired sanctuary at Jumeirah Bali