8 skills to learn in Bali

Make your island escape in Indonesia all the more memorable.


With the Indian Ocean, golden sunrises and verdant botany of Bali as your backdrop, bond with the island’s culture, soothe your soul and reconnect with your creative spirit. With art forms developed over millennia of Indonesian history, traditional healing rituals and ceremonies and tailored spiritual guidance on offer, Jumeirah Bali can provide a wealth of new skills to take home with you. Here are eight of our favourite experiences to inspire your wanderlust.

Get creative in a batik painting class

Feed your creative soul and immerse yourself in Indonesian culture as you learn the ancient art of batik, which hails from the neighbouring island of Java. Watch masters create colourful fabric using beeswax and dyes and then have a go at making your own masterpiece.

The art, which is now popular worldwide, involves drawing patterns on textiles with wax which prevents wax-resistant dyes from staining those sections, resulting in intricate designs and unique patterns.

Energise your soul with yoga

Soothe your spirit and re-energise your mind and body in a yoga class. Inhale fresh sea air as your instructor guides you through asanas while teaching you the art of mindful breathing.

Incorporating yoga practice into your daily routine can improve your mental wellbeing and help you to feel invigorated.

Learn Lontar leaf engraving

A practice used for centuries as a way of recording Balinese tales, Lontar leaf engraving involves using a special knife to draw and write on palm leaves. Guided by the Jumeirah Bali recreation team, you can learn this ancient technique in a special experience beneath the Bodhi Tree in Jumeirah Bali’s tropical gardens, and create an original masterpiece to take home as a memory of your time on the island.

Create a tailored essential oil blend

In a creative and insightful workshop within the calming surroundings of our Talise Spa, discover the fundamentals of essential oils. After deciding which ones best suit your needs, create your own fragrant, mood-lifting blend and leave the session with your own mini sample kit of oils.

Learn how to think positively with a priest

Experience true Balinese healing as the sun rises across the Indian Ocean in a traditional melukat water purification ritual by our resort priest Pak Mangku. Banishing negative thoughts, welcoming positive ones and soothing physical, emotional and spiritual ailments, the ceremony will leave you with a newfound sense of serenity and an understanding of your inner energy.

Make a Balinese fruit offering

A symbol of gratitude, a gebogan is a tower of fruit made by Balinese people as an offering to higher powers in order to bring prosperity, fertility and safety to their people. Discover more about the significance of these creations within Balinese culture and construct your own offerings in a guided masterclass.

Practice a Balinese martial art

In a private session, learn the Balinese martial art, bayu suci, under the guidance of a guru and harness the healing powers of the island’s luscious nature. A form of tai chi, bayu suci is designed to awaken the body and bond you with the natural world through dynamic poses, moving meditation and breathing exercises.

Try sound healing meditation

Pick up good vibrations in a deeply relaxing sound therapy experience curated to stimulate your chakras, or internal energy centres, and restore your body’s natural frequencies. The process involves using healing bowls to create deep, rich tones which bring your mind into a blissful ‘theta’ state within minutes and heal your body on a cellular level.

Relax, create and get active with a new skill among white sand beaches, swaying trees and rippling waves at Jumeirah Bali.