Peafowl Kids Club

Where tropical forest meets our dreamland garden to become a playground for the little ones


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It is always good to be connected to nature, and your little ones can be free to play among the natural greenery of Bali at the Peafowl Pavilion.

The peafowl itself is a potent motif from the history of Indonesia. Just as Jumeirah Bali's central concept comes from the majestic Majapahit empire, it is said that the peafowl was the symbol of its Queen Brawijaya V.

Kids and teens can experience fun and culturally connected activities. From sensory classes, Balinese dress-up and musical instruments to kids and teens yoga, bonfire nights and free play in the dreamland garden, the Peafowl Pavilion is an infinite playground.

Opening times: Daily 10:00 - 18:00

For more information, please contact us:

Tel: +62 361 201 5000
Email: jbainfo@jumeirah.com