Sunset and sunrise meditation

Greet the dawn and close the day meditating before the sun as it turns the sky a unique chiffon pink


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Have you ever noticed how the universe works? How everything is a repeated pattern when you look at the big picture? Likewise, the cycles of our bodies reflect the cycles of the whole planet.

Every single day, the sun rises and make its way across the sky like our daily rebirth, a time to begin again and to have a positive mindset for a better way of living. When the sun sets and turns the sky to starry night, we suspend our consciousness. As for what happens in between, we live.


Sunrise Meditation

Start your day by greeting the sun with gratitude and positive intentions for the new day. Let the sun itself serve as your natural reminder to begin and maintain a grateful attitude.

During this meditation, allow the sun’s energy to flow into you, restoring you and providing energy for your day. Choosing the right place is a crucial step for your meditation, and Jumeirah Bali offers the perfect location. The pristine white sand and turquoise waters of Dreamland Beach, along with the soothing sound of waves, will help you feel serene.

Sunset Meditation

Sunsets offer a unique flavor of their own. Witness the sun gently kissing the horizon and conclude your day with a moment of self-love.
As the sun sets, marking the end of a day brimming with activity, embrace this serene meditation to reflect and prepare for the day ahead, ensuring a restful night's sleep.


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