The best kids’ activities in Oman

Muscat offers an array of activities for the whole family


The best kids’ activities in Oman

Muscat offers an array of activities for the whole family

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With its stunning landscapes and rich traditions, Oman is a fascinatingly diverse destination to explore. From discovering Muttrah’s seafront to seeing the Al Jalali and Al Mirani castles, here is how you and your little ones can make the most of your trip.


Walk the beautiful Corniche

The Corniche is a 3km waterfront promenade in Muscat’s commercial centre which is dotted with minarets and 19th century merchants’ houses. Stop by the capital’s Fish Market and Muttrah Souk – where you’ll find everything from frankincense to herbs – and Muttrah Fort at the eastern end of Muttrah harbour. After a pleasant stroll, head to Al Riyam Park, which has a small funfair and children’s play areas as well as an oversized decorative incense burner.

Aerial view of Muttrah Fort in Muscat


Explore the Al Jalali and Al Mirani forts

Looming over the harbour, Al Mirani Fort was built by the Portuguese in the 16th century. While it is not open for the public to enter, it has an imposing presence over Muttrah and is an important historical site for children to learn about since this is where Portuguese soldiers were ousted from Oman. Al Jalali Fort meanwhile was also built by Portuguese colonists in the 1580s and sits just across the bay.

Al Jalali Fort on the coast


Spark imagination at the Children's Museum

Headquartered in two large domes near Qurum Nature Park, Oman Children’s Museum offers children the chance to delve into science and biology through interactive activities, including a fake electric shock, launching a hot air balloon and sending messages through a whisper dish. Another activity, “Eye Spy” consists of perception panels with illusions for your child to discover how the brain processes the information seen through their eyes.


Adventures in the Al Wahiba Sands

Stretching out into the horizon, Al Wahiba Sands cover 5,000 square miles of desert in eastern Oman. This place is most magical as the sun goes down and the dunes turn a coppery orange. Kids will love leaping around the sand dunes but you can also sign up for sand boarding or treks with a Bedouin guide. Head to the nearby port town of Sur, where traditional wooden vessels are still produced, to see hatching turtles at Ras al Hadd Turtle Reserve.

Wahiba Sands


Keep your little ones entertained and discover family-friendly activities, from exploring the Wahiba Sands desert to venturing inside the National Museum, when you stay at Jumeirah Muscat Bay.