The secrets of our Capri spa treatments

We reveal what makes treatments at Capri Palace – Jumeirah's luxurious Italian island resort – so wonderfully reinvigorating and luxurious


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Welcome to the Italian island of Capri. From the sparklingly cerulean waters that lap against the shores of white-sand beaches, enticing sea caves and dramatic cliffs, to the charming hilltop town of Anacapri, it’s not hard to understand why people from around the world flock here each year. Once our guests understand the stories and ethos behind the treatments on offer at the Capri Medical Spa, it’s not hard to understand why so many return to the Capri Palace Jumeirah.

It is set in stunning surrounds

As they enter the state-of-the-art Medical Spa, which is set against the backdrop of an 18th-century-style Neapolitan palazzo, guests are immediately immersed in an environment that encourages tranquillity. Let the gentle sea breeze start to sooth your senses before stepping into a treatment suite, where an expertly trained therapist will ensure you feel completely pampered.

 Capri Medical Spa at Capri Palace Jumeirah

It relies on ingredients that really make a difference

From sea-salt scrubs that are aimed at brightening and nourishing dry skin, to a range of body wraps that rely on the health-boosting properties of marine algae and seaweed, natural ingredients feature in a number of choices on the Medical Spa's extensive treatment menu. That’s in addition to high-tech skin treatments and products that are bursting with active ingredients – from the fruit acid facial peel that removes impurities and prepares skin for a perfect tan to LED light therapies that soothe and reduce wrinkles.

In addition to aesthetic and anti-aging facial treatments, the team at this world-class medical spa also take a clinical approach to body treatments, which includes the use of sophisticated infrared and radiofrequency machines that can target cellulite, counteract the loss of skin elasticity and quickly help to shape the body’s natural contours.

Jumeirah Capri Palace Capri Beauty Farm Specialized Massage

It draws on worldwide inspiration

In order to provide the very best experience, therapists seek out inspiration from around the word. That means guests can feel the benefit of the centuries-old principles of acupressure during a Mai Thai massage, give tired feet a lift with an ancient Chinese-style reflexology treatment or indulge in a Japanese-inspired Shiatsu session. European expertise is also sought in the form of partnerships with Biologique Recherche Paris, which is renowned for its products that contains a high concentration of active plant ingredients, Switzerland’s Valmont, which is widely regarded as the pioneer of anti-age treatments, and London facial guru Sarah Chapman’s holistic treatments.

It makes health a priority

The importance of taking a holistic approach to health is placed front and centre on the idyllic Italian island and the team at the Medical Spa comprises doctors, therapists, beauticians and dieticians, who combine their expertise to ensure each and every guest’s experience is as curative and restorative as possible.

In between relaxing and recharging, a state-of-the-art gym is equipped with the latest fitness machines to help guests maintain an active body. Workout sessions with personal trainers promise to tone muscles, while physiotherapy sessions assist in muscle rehabilitation and private pilates classes and yoga practices improve flexibility and boost core strength. That’s in addition to aqua-gym group sessions and ecological walks that invite guests to immerse themselves in the island’s natural wonders.

Capri Medical Spa at Capri Palace Jumeirah 

It promotes wellness rituals

Developed by medical director Professor Francesco Canonaco, the signature Leg School treatment uses clay mud and cold bandages to improve circulation and oxygenate tissue, and it features in one of several multi-day programmes that are available at Capri Medical Spa.

For example, the ‘Mind Reset’ package is a five- or seven-day retreat that starts with specialist consultations and features tailor-made exercise and treatment regimes that are aimed at reducing tension, emotional stress and chronic fatigue. Similarly, the four-day ‘Love the way you are!’ programme is designed to give people a positive energy boost.

For those with less time to spare, spa days are designed around Coral, Turquoise, Aquamarine and Quartz themes, while the Signature Capri Forever invites couples to enjoy a Swedish massage and personalised facial, before feasting on a gourmet dinner that’s served at the award-winning, two-Michelin-starred restaurant, L’Olivo.


Experience a holistic approach to health on the idyllic Italian island of Capri at Capri Palace Jumeirah.