Top tips for planning a family holiday in Bali

Create magical memories with your family on the picturesque Indonesian isle


Top tips for planning a family holiday in Bali

Create magical memories with your family on the picturesque Indonesian isle

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Close your eyes, imagine the Indonesian island of Bali and you’ll picture crystalline beaches and verdant rice paddies, waterfalls and active volcanoes. Combine this spectacular landscape with the region’s hospitable locals and you have yourself an incomparable destination for an unforgettable family break. Below, we share our top tips for planning the ultimate holiday with your loved ones.


Location, location, location

The trick to planning a memorable family getaway is choosing where to stay. For most families, privacy, plenty of space and quiet surroundings are vital. Jumeirah Bali boasts the unique feature of being a villa-only resort, meaning kids, parents and grandparents can make themselves at home, feeling separate from yet still nestled within a beautiful resort inspired by a historic palace that appears to float on water.

Spend relaxing mornings in the comfort of your own villa while your children play in a private pool, or lay on the terrace and admire the landscaped gardens and glittering ocean beyond. The spacious two-bedroom Family Connecting Villa is particularly perfect for a family, although each villa comes with family-friendly amenities including a butler, complimentary breakfast and exclusive beach access.

The villas at Jumeirah Bali


Activities for all ages

Settled on the white stone cliffs above Dreamland Beach – a quintessentially Balinese spot with golden sands and clear waters – Jumeirah Bali’s enviable location means you won’t be short of things to do. Picture yourself and your little ones watching the sunset over the Indian Ocean, creating core memories your whole family will treasure forever.

From Jumeirah Bali, take to the sea with some thrilling watersports. Try windsurfing, gently bob on the waves on kayaks or take a lesson together to learn to ride the waves. For adventurous families who would like to go further afield, Bali offers plenty to be discovered. Take a guided or self-guided hike through the countryside, wander around the temples that scatter the land as you teach your kids about other cultures, or explore an underwater world on a snorkelling trip, where you’ll feel as though you’re swimming through an aquarium of colourful fish and intricate coral. And the best thing about all of this? You needn’t worry about the details, as your butler will help organise any activity you may desire.

Surfing at Jumeirah Bali


Peafowl Kids Club

Within Jumeirah Bali, the Peafowl Kids Club keeps little ones entertained in the comfort and safety of the resort. Named after the peafowl, a species native to Bali’s forests, the club is a playground for the senses with bonfire nights, arts and crafts classes and kids and teen yoga. Through the stories of two mythical peacocks named Kiwa and Awa, your children will learn more about the magical island that surrounds them, including the amazing array of wildlife that inhabits Balinese forests.

While your little explorers are adventuring and making new friends, you can slow down and rejuvenate. Head to our on-site Talise Spa for a treatment inspired by the ancient healing traditions of the Majapahit Empire, take part in a traditional Melukat water purification ritual or get the blood pumping at a boot camp on the beach.

A cooking class at Jumeirah Bali


Surprise your family with a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Jumeirah Bali.