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Stingray Feeding at Jumeirah Vittaveli

Stingray Feeding at Jumeirah Vittaveli

As the sun begins to set over Jumeirah Vittaveli, about a hundred or so stingrays and Jack fish descend upon the Maadi Point beach of the Maldivian resort for their daily feeding.

This phenomenon began four years ago while Jumeirah Vittaveli was still under construction, when two stray stingrays started exploring the shoreline of the island. The enterprising Project Managers decided to see if the rays would return and threw them discarded pieces of cut fish and the next day right on time the rays revisited and soon the numbers continued to increase.

Over time, the guests at Jumeirah Vittaveli have joined in the feeding. They arrive at the Maadi Point around 6 pm and are delighted to see the rays waiting for the feeding to begin. Promptly at 6.30 pm, one of the colleagues from the Gardening team arrives with a bucket of scraps and the feeding frenzy begins as the food is thrown into the water. Attending the spectacle has become an evening ritual for guests at our luxurious Maldivian resort.

The stingrays and Jack fish are usually not seen around the reef; during the day they can be found in the deep sea, away from the lagoon, however they all turn up in time for the feeding. As stingrays’ eyes are on the top of their body and their mouths are on their undersides they cannot see their prey; so they use smell and electroreceptors similar to those of sharks to find their feed. The Jack fish usually follow the stingrays as they too primarily feed on crustaceans and small fish.

Naturally, great care is taken during the feeding to protect the fish, our guests and colleagues.