Terms & Conditions

Strategic Partnerships

Terms & Conditions

Strategic Partnerships


1. For each qualifying stay, frequent flyer members will earn Miles at the rate of 1 frequent flyer Mile per USD 1 spent on qualifying spend.

2. For each stay that is not a qualifying stay members will earn Miles at the rate of 1 Mile per USD 1 spent on all qualifying spend.

3. Under normal circumstances, package travel rates, travel industry discounted rates, airline crew rates will not be regarded as qualifying rates.

4. Members can earn Miles only upon settling charges through direct payment at a participating property. Hotel vouchers, pre-payment coupons, etc. are not applicable for earning Miles unless otherwise agreed by Jumeirah.

5. Jumeirah may offer frequent flyer members extra Miles for any hotel stays.

6. Jumeirah offers frequent flyer members bonus Miles of 5000 Miles should the member stay a total of 15 consecutive or cumulative nights at any participating property in a calendar year starting 01 January and terminating 31 December. Such bonus Miles will only be awarded once per year regardless of the total number of night spent by the member at a participating property during that year.

7. Jumeirah does not permit members to earn mileage credit in more than one airlines frequent flyer programme during any stay at a participating property.  

8. Frequent Flyer members will earn miles for one (1) room only per stay regardless of number of rooms booked and paid.  The guest presenting his card for mileage should be staying, paying and room registered under his name. 

9. Earning Mileage is eligible for stays in Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts only.

10. Members should claim for missing mileage within six months of their check out date if miles are not credited.

11. Any Promotional Bonus Miles will be credited based on eligible room rate only.

12. Certain elements of room rates and/or package rates which may not, at Jumeirah’s sole discretion, be eligible for Airline Mileage