Capri's best coastal dining

Enjoy fresh seafood on the island's most beautiful beaches


Capri's best coastal dining

Enjoy fresh seafood on the island's most beautiful beaches

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A jewel in the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean, Capri has been attracting visitors for millennia. Caesar Augustus became the first Roman Emperor to discover the island’s charms and liked it so much that he built temples and villas here. Capri’s soaring limestone cliffs, beautiful rocky coves and secluded bays are worth discovering, from Bagni di Tiberio, where you can swim alongside Roman ruins, to Il Riccio, home to a chic restaurant specialising in heavenly seafood.

Il Riccio

Perched on the cliffs of Anacapri, on the northern shore of the island, Il Riccio Restaurant and Beach Club sits just above the electric waters of the famous Blue Grotto, and can be accessed by a stone staircase that zigzags down to the water. Its clifftop restaurant features raw and masterfully cooked seafood delicacies paired with a carefully curated selection of local beverages. Executive chef Salvatore Elefante’s culinary narrative culminates in the spaghetti alla chitarra with sea urchins and the Plateau Royal, which celebrates the island’s seafood, freshly caught and served raw.

Blue Grotto

The Blue Grotto, or Grotta Azzurra, is a fascinating sea cave that was rediscovered in the nineteenth century and is one of Capri’s most famous natural landmarks. Visitors are taken in a rowing boat through the low, narrow opening through which an ethereal blue light slips in and magically reflects on the water inside. There is also a wonderful little rocky beach here, where you can bask in the warm sun taking in the incredible view, before cooling off in the clear water.

The Blue Grotto in Capri 


Marina Piccola


Marina Piccola, located on the southern side of the island, is known for its impressive views of the Faraglioni, the giant sea stacks serving as natural bastions for the Blue Island. The bay is split into two by the ‘Scoglio delle Sirene’ or Siren’s Rock. According to legend, this is where the sirens of Greek myth attempted to seduce Odysseus with their music. To one side is the beach of Marina di Mulo and to the other Marina di Pennauro, both conveniently sheltered from the wind by a soaring wall of rock and lined with elegant cabanas. Take your pick from one of the splendid fish and seafood restaurants lining the beach overlooking the turquoise waters.

Coastline at Marina Piccola

Bagni di Tiberio

It is no wonder that Emperor Tiberius fell in love with this picturesque cove two thousand years ago and built a villa here, Palazzo a Mare, the remains of which are located among the coastal rocks overlooking the bay. To access the beach, you can take a gozzo shuttle boat from Marina Grande, but it can also be reached by foot via Via Palazzo a Mare. Once there you will find the Bagni Tiberio beach club with its restaurant on the water’s edge, featuring some of the island’s signature dishes, including spaghetti alla vongole, spaghetti alla Nerano with zucchini, and ravioli with black squid ink pasta stuffed with shrimp.


Lido del Faro

A postcard-perfect rocky bay with an imposing lighthouse, Lido del Faro is set on the southwestern point of the coastline and is accessed via a road winding through the dramatic countryside. The beach club was founded by local entrepreneur Ercole D’Esposito in 1970, while the Punta Carena lighthouse is one of Italy’s oldest lighthouses, dating back to 1867. The restaurant serves traditional dishes with a unique twist, from wholegrain linguine with squid, sea urchins, and zucchini purée to mezzi paccheri pasta with puréed green peppers and octopus ragù.

Lighthouse at Faro di Punta

Torre Saracena

A narrow stretch of white pebbles, Torre Saracena looks out onto Capri’s majestic Faraglioni rocks and has a series of wooden platforms built over the pristine waters. Each are equipped with pergolas, perfect for lazing under during the hottest hours of the day. The beach’s American Bar features a selection of delicious light snacks, including Insalata Caprese and panini. There is also a splendid restaurant serving sautéed shrimp, cold octopus salad, and pasta e piselli.


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