Wild Wadi: Why it isn't just for kids

Aquatic thrills for the entire family


Wild Wadi: Why it isn't just for kids

Aquatic thrills for the entire family

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Wild Wadi Waterpark has been making waves since it first opened its doors. Ever since its unveiling, it has revolutionised the world of aquatic amusement parks, taking the genre to places never seen before. Today, Wild Wadi is as exciting as ever—and not just for the kids. Whatever your adrenaline cap, you will find your ideal ride at Wild Wadi, from the exhilarating plummets of Jumeirah Sceirah to the languorous lazing of Juha’s Journey.

Shoreline view of Burj Al Arab


Family thrills

Wild Wadi Waterpark revels in its family-friendly rides. Most well-known is Burj Surj, the playful yet white-knuckle slide that sends guests plunging down steep slopes and hurtling into sharp spins. Guests fly down Burj Surj on giant rubber rings, each of which can take up to five people at a time. The swaying, circling rubber ring is an ideal way for families to experience Wild Wadi’s thrills together, laughing as parents and children take turns to get splashed and soaked.

For parents of little ones, Juha’s Dhow and Lagoon is a fantastical mix of splash zone and imagination. The play area has a number of exciting activities, including racing slides and waterspouts, and has a large playpen to keep the kiddies occupied for hours on end. Of particular notoriety is the carpet-surfing Sinbad, who soaks all underneath his carpet every two minutes.

Another beloved family classic of the water park is the wave pool. Wild Wadi so happens to house the largest in the Middle East: Breaker’s Bay. The wave pool is able to send 1.5-metre waves dashing towards families in five different configurations. Jump, crash, leap, or bound over the cascading breakers—or create memories for the whole family by mistiming the approaching wave and wiping out.

Wild Wadi Waterpark Burj Surj


Adult adventures

For those adventurous adults, there are more elating thrills than the wave pool. Wipeout and Riptide are Wild Wadi’s FlowRiders, dynamic surf machines that allow guests to recreate the thrills of body and knee-boarding. The machines shoot out over seven tonnes of water a second across a slanted foam slope to create the illusion of riding a never-ending surf. For private parties, surfing can also be arranged on Wipeout and Riptide.

Alongside, Wild Wadi Waterpark is home to some of the most daunting slides in the Middle East. Most thrilling is perhaps Jumeirah Sceirah. The ride encompasses twin slides, each of which begins 32 metres above the ground and sends guests shooting down dives, bends, twists, and more. Guests begin the ride in a capsule, waiting until the floor gives way and the plummet commences. Each slide is 120 metres long and can hurl guests at speeds of 80km/h.

Or there’s Tantrum Alley, Burj Surj’s more daunting cousin. Guests embark on a rubber ring (four persons max) down two waterslides and three tornadoes—giant basins around which rubber rings spiral before finally falling through into dramatic plunge pools below.

If you wish to relax after a thrilling day or recoup after an adrenaline-racing ride, Juha’s Journey is the ultimate lazy river. The ride spans 360 metres, sending guests on a safari-like journey through the many attractions of the water park. The gentle current, alongside the swaying palms and blue skies above is an unbeatably tranquil combination.

Wild Wadi Waterpark Surf Machine

Wild Wadi Waterpark is the ultimate day out in Dubai, with rides to keep the whole family entertained.