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Succumb to the tranquility and serenity of Talise Spa at Etihad Towers in Abu Dhabi. This luxurious retreat transports you to a state of ultimate relaxation for both mind and body. Our facials, full body massages and signature experiences are tailored to your personal needs and leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised.

Opening hours: 09:00 – 22:00, daily

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  • Favourite Spa Brand - Fact Spa & Wellness Awards 2018
  • Best Luxury Wellness Spa in the Middle East - World Luxury Spa Awards 2014


For more information or to arrange an appointment, please contact us:
Telephone: +971 2 811 5858
Email: jadspa@jumeirah.com


Talise Spa Information


Early bookings

Talise Spa is very popular, so we advise you to book your treatments in advance to avoid disappointment.


Preparation and dressing for spa treatments

When you arrive, we’ll provide you with a comfortable robe, disposable underwear and slippers. During your spa treatment, our therapists will cover you appropriately at all times. If you're receiving any facial treatment, we ask that gentlemen shave beforehand.


Spa etiquette

We ask that our guests cooperate with us in maintaining a no-smoking and noise free environment by turning off cell phones. Please be aware that alcohol is not permitted immediately before spa.


Arriving at Talise

We suggest you arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment to give yourself time to relax and familiarise yourself with the spa environment. If you arrive late for your appointment, your treatment time may have to be reduced.



There will be a consultation with a qualified spa practitioner before your treatment, where any health concerns or special needs can be addressed.



You are welcome to choose your preferred music from our carefully curated library before your treatment.



We recommend that no jewellery of any type is worn during spa treatments. If you bring valuables and jewellery with you, a place will be provided for their safekeeping, but please note we cannot be held responsible for valuables.



So we can constantly improve our services at Talise Spa, we appreciate your feedback. Please fill in a feedback form after your treatment to share any opinions or ideas you have with us.


Cancellation policy

If you must cancel your appointment with us, please try to give us at least 24 hours notice. Less than 12 hours notice may lead to 50 percent of the price of your treatment being charged to you. If treatments are cancelled less than six hours before, 100 percent of the price will be charged.


Treatment Menu


Talise Signatures

Revitalising Massage (75 Minutes | 90 Minutes)

Feel energised with this full-body, deep-tissue massage, featuring ancient therapeutic techniques, deep flowing movements, acupressure point stimulation and light stretching.


De-Stress Massage (75 Minutes | 90 Minutes)

Melt tension away with this massage, a combination of kneading, muscle wringing, stretching and pressure points, combined with your choice of aromatic oils to relax the muscles and promote overall wellbeing.



Holistic Massage (75 Minutes | 90 Minutes)

This therapeutic massage uses a range of techniques borrowed from the best massages around the world. A unique combination of pressure points with oil massage sequences creates a truly amazing experience.


Blissful Marma Massage (75 Minutes | 90 Minutes)

Experience effective and immediate relaxation, relieving all stress-related tension with long, firm, flowing movements and therapeutic techniques. Marma therapy and chakra balancing align vital energy centres, while enriching aromatic blends deliver powerful active benefits, enhancing overall wellbeing, using Subtle Energies skincare and aromatherapy.


Thai Massage (75 Minutes | 90 Minutes)

A therapeutic dry massage – focusing on pressure points and stretching movements along the body’s energy channels – leaves your body relieved and energised.


Balinese Massage (75 Minutes | 90 Minutes)

The traditional Balinese massage is a seamless blend of acupressure, skin rolling and firm smooth strokes that stimulate energy flow and circulation while creating a deep sense of relaxation. Performed using aromatic oils specific to your body type, the results will be beneficial to your personal wellbeing.


Swedish Massage (75 Minutes | 90 Minutes)

Enjoy this Scandinavian treatment to help increase oxygen flow in the blood and release toxins from the muscles. This massage shortens recovery time from muscular strain by relieving tissue of metabolic waste, stimulating the skin and the nerves, and reducing stress.


Pre-Natal Massage (60 Minutes)

A calming, relaxing and healing full body massage for mothers-to-be, focusing on back tension and heavy leg muscles. Ideal for those who need a break and want to feel light and radiant.


Hot Stone Massage (75 Minutes | 90 Minutes)

Enjoy the deeply relaxing benefits of this unique treatment, which uses smooth, heated stones, placed on specific acupressure points on the body to melt away knots, tension and stress. The hot stone experience relieves pain, and promotes harmony, balance and peace.


Foot Reflexology (30 Minutes | 60 Minutes)

An ancient pressure point massage that targets reflex zones in the feet that reflect organs within the body. Reflexology stimulates energy meridians.


Talise Face Care

3D Collagen (60 Minutes | 90 Minutes)

Remodelling and firming treatment with three types of collagen with different molecular weights (high, medium and low), that sculpts and defines your facial contour, improves skin density and preserves moisture. This innovative facial provides an outstanding lifting and redensifying effect while revealing incredibly supple and plump skin.


Citrus Essence Facial (60 Minutes)

An antioxidant treatment that restores vitality to sun damaged skin and helps minimize the signs of premature aging. Pure vitamin C will stimulate collagen production and renew skin firmness.


Carboxi Express (30 Minutes)

A quick peel for a glow on the go. Using a combination of five alpha-hydroxy acids, this triple exfoliating treatment will produce visible results.


Skin Care Enhancements

Essential Eyes (30 Minutes)

Infuse your skin with all the benefits of marine algae. A treatment that relieves puffiness and dehydration around the eye area with a cocktail that includes draining, nourishing and decongesting ingredients.


Face Contouring Gel (15 Minutes)

An innovative massage that redefines, sculpts and reshapes the facial contours. Thanks to the application of a thermal-effect gel, it improves micro-circulation and enhances the results of any treatment applied subsequently.


24K Gold Age-Defying Facial (60 Minutes | 90 Minutes)

This exotic and enriching skin remedy will enliven the skin while restoring emotional balance. The mogra plant, queen of jasmine flowers, offers awe-inspiring healing. It boosts collagen production and increases cell renewal and – combined with the restorative powers of 24k gold leaf – will penetrate and revive the deep layers of skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.


Essential Daily Hydration Facial (60 Minutes | 90 Minutes)

This deeply hydrating and nourishing facial restores natural vitality to the skin. A great option for men, leaving skin revitalised, supple and resistant to the effects of urban living.


Talise Body Care

Rasayana Detox Scrub (60 Minutes)

Stimulate cell renewal while reducing signs of cellulite with this light-to-medium exfoliation. Walnut shells buff away dead skin cells to allow deeper penetration of uplifting aromatics such as tulsa, wild turmeric and limbu. Full body hydration with rich ingredients, deeply moisten and balance the skin using Subtle Energies skincare and aromatherapy.


Himalayan Energising Body Scrub (60 Minutes)

Feel invigorated by a strong exfoliating body polish using mineral rich Himalayan crystal salts, releasing toxins and stimulating circulation. Follow with a full body hydration using rich ingredients that deeply moisten and balance the skin. This treatment uses Subtle Energies skincare and aromatherapy.


Rasayana Detox Wrap (90 Minutes)

Revitalise, tone and purify with a zesty exfoliation using essential oils, including cinnamon powder and walnut shells. Relax as an exquisite mineral rich clay infused with powerful herbs of spiked ginger lily, spirulina and green tea envelop your body, while a signature marma facial massage is performed. Experience full body hydration with a choice of aromatic infused body butters, lotions or blends using Subtle Energies skincare and aromatherapy.


Contouring Gold Wrap (60 Minutes)

The gold wrap adds life to skin with visible regeneration and anti-aging that also revitalises and reinforces the skin’s protective barrier. It stimulates micro-blood circulation and micro-cellular circulation. Gold wrap for the body uses 24-karat gold to catch free electrons in the reactive oxygen species (ROS), detoxifying and slowing down cellular deterioration. After one treatment with gold wrap, skin is restored immediately, improving its tone, texture and firmness. It is recommended once a week as a purifying, rejuvenating and anti-stress therapy.


Talise Enhancements 

Massage of choice (Back, Neck, Shoulder, Scalp, Foot) | Body Scrub | Express Facial* | 24-karat Nano Gold Repair Collagen Gel Mask* | Diamond Radiance Collagen Gel Mask*

*Applicable to body treatments and massage only


Talise Hammam

Emirates Hammam (60 Minutes)

Traditionally inspired hammam ritual using locally sourced fresh ingredients from the Emirates. The ritual starts with a full body cleanse using our white argan hammam soap, infused with bitter orange and lemon. Exfoliate with an aromatic blend of rosemary, thyme and oregano with our za’atar body exfoliation, followed by a moisturising mask made of dates from Ras Al Khaimah region. Immerse yourself in an enriching camel’s milk bath and feel purified with mineral-rich indigo Neela. This one of a kind experience is completed with a luxurious saffron infused anti-aging body oil application.


Moroccan Hammam (90 Minutes)

The traditional Moroccan black soap ‘savon noir’ gets a modern twist with the aromatic infusion of mint, eucalyptus and activated charcoal. The solaire exfoliant has been inspired by traditional ‘citron confit’ – Moroccan preserved lemons. Aromatic atay mint tea purifies the body, while ghassoul clay from the Atlas Mountains cleanses, and pure argan oil nourishes you.


Turkish Hammam (60 Minutes)

Inspired by traditional Turkish bathhouses, this foam ritual begins with eucalyptus to stimulate the senses and aromatic rosemary “Kirmizi Biber” to exfoliate the skin. A refreshing, healing white clay mask is infused with mint, and fléchir deep tissue oil is infused with argan to relax muscles and release tension.


Hammamii Contouring Ritual (2 Hours)

This ritual is inspired by the ancient Bedouin rituals of the UAE. The intense and highly effective dual firming properties of caffeine and sumac work to combat the most stubborn dimpling caused by cellulite. The treatment also binds and locks in moisture with a date body mask from the Ras Al Khaimah region, which is rich in fatty acids and trace minerals that help to nourish and repair the skin.


Talise Bath Rituals

Rose And Milk Bath (15 Minutes)

Surround yourself with fragrant rose petals as you soften and hydrate the skin, while soothing the spirit. Relax in a luxurious milk bath filled with rose petals and essential oils, in the romance of scented candlelight.


Talise Couple's Rituals

Oriental Ritual (4 Hours)

Our ultimate package for couples combines the best of Arabic tradition and western luxury. Begin your journey with a rose and milk bath, followed by a body scrub and a rasul mud treatment. A Swedish massage relaxes every muscle, while a rejuvenating facial completes the ritual.


A Couple’s Oasis (2 Hours 45 Minutes)

Share a candlelit rose and milk bath filled with flower petals and essential oils as a prelude to a relaxing Swedish massage. An ultimate facial provides the final touch.


Talise Journeys 

A Woman’s Journey (2 Hours 30 Minutes)

A complete treatment journey celebrates your inner and outer beauty, addressing emotional and hormonal balances. The whole body is massaged with ancient active oils, as a fusion of therapeutic techniques increases your vital energy. This continues into a facial that is tailored to bring harmony and nourishment to your skin. Be empowered and be rejuvenated with treatments that use Subtle Energies skincare and aromatherapy.


A Gentleman’s Journey (2 Hours 30 Minutes)

For the active man and the constant traveller, this customised treatment balances and restores muscle strength and healthy skin. Your body will be invigorated and renewed with a zesty body polish, before being transported to a place of deep relaxation with a full body detox massage, which also assists adrenal fatigue. Feel tension drift away as your skin is cleansed and balanced with a hydration facial to complete this wellbeing journey. Treatments use Subtle Energies skincare and aromatherapy.


Detox Boost Journey (2 Hours)

A comprehensive purification process with highly potent ingredients such as tulsi, wild turmeric and Indian lime that purify the blood, as well as energising and stimulating the cells and lymphatics. It also boosts recovery from adrenal fatigue. The journey begins with a full exfoliation, followed by a toning detox wrap and signature massage which helps to release tension, lymphatic drainage and work on the marmas. Treatments use Subtle Energies skincare and aromatherapy.


Tranquility Ritual (2 Hours 30 Minutes)

Your treatment begins with a welcome ritual and rose and milk bath, followed by a 60 minute massage and 60 minute facial.


Jewel Of Paris (90 Minutes)

This complete treatment combines body massage with a facial for head-to-toe wellbeing. After the welcome ritual, back and scalp are massaged; a facial is performed for relaxation and smoothing; and a mask is applied while your legs are massaged. Your complexion will appear fresh and rested, and your body will feel lighter.


Talise Beauty

Classic Manicure (60 Minutes)

A treatment that beautifies hands and nails begins with the shaping of your nails and grooming of the cuticles, followed by an exfoliating treatment and hand massage. Your nails can be buffed or coated with a polish of your choice.


Classic Pedicure (60 Minutes)

This treatment beautifies your feet. It begins with the shaping of the nails, grooming of the cuticles and the treating of the rough skin on the soles of feet. This is followed by an exfoliation and deeply relaxing foot massage. The finishing touch to this pedicure is the painting of nails with a polish of your choice.


Additional Nail Treatments

Shape and Polish (25 minutes) | French Re-Polish (20 minutes) | Re-Polish (15 minutes)



Full Leg (55 minutes) | Full Arm (55 minutes) | Half Leg (25 minutes) | Half Arm (25 minutes) | Underarm (15 minutes) | Bikini Line (25 minutes) | Back Waxing (45 minutes)



Full Face with Eyebrows (30 minutes) | Upper Lip and Chin (20 minutes) | Upper Lip (10 minutes) | Full Face (20 minutes) | Eyebrows (15 minutes) | Chin (10 minutes)



Eyebrow tinting (20 minutes)