Our most delicious mocktails from around the world

Refreshing delights inspired by Jumeirah locations


Our most delicious mocktails from around the world

Refreshing delights inspired by Jumeirah locations

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What makes a magnificent mocktail? Something fruity? Something fragrant? Something fabulous? To us, it’s more about the sense of place, drawing on local ingredients to create a unique flourish that elevates the drink to something unforgettable. From zesty Mallorcan oranges to homemade German honey and Arabian rose petals, our team have unearthed the delicate fruits, fragrant herbs and exotic spices that make some of the world’s most delicious mocktails.


Vittaveli Refresher – The Maldives

Harmonising the herbaceous notes of rosemary with tangy hibiscus syrup, aromatic, home-infused spice syrup, and fresh blueberries, Vittaveli Refresher is a liquid love letter to the Maldives. The deep fuchsia pink drink is exotic, refreshing and inspired by the tropical beauty of Bolifushi Island. Slink into one of B4R bar's wooden cabana's at sunset, drink in hand, and watch the endless Maldivian skies turn from crimson to inky blue.

Jumeirah Vittaveli cocktails by the beach


Azahar – Mallorca

Sweet with a citrusy kick and as golden as the sun itself, Azahar is inspired by the plump and juicy local Sóller oranges that grow in the groves surrounding Jumeriah Port de Soller Hotel and Spa. Enlivened with zesty, fresh oranges, homemade marmalade, cream and white chocolate syrup, Azahar is a true taste of Mallorca. You’ll find an Azahar at Sunset Sushi Lounge, complete with panoramic vistas over Port de Sóller’s horseshoe bay, framed by the Tramuntana mountains.

Here’s how to make an Azahar at home:

  • 120ml freshly squeezed orange juice
  • 20ml orange marmalade
  • 10ml cream
  • 15ml white chocolate syrup
  • 10ml sugar syrup

– Put all of the ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shake together for 20 seconds.
– Pour over ice in a rock glass then top up with cream.
– Finally, garnish with grated orange skin and pansies.


Rosebud – Dubai

Roses play an intrinsic part in Arab culture, both as a symbol for Allah, where petals represent law, knowledge and truth, and as the blood of Mohammed. Rose water has long been used as a food flavouring in the Middle East, so it’s not surprising that it's infused into our Rosebud cocktail at the Al Mandhar Lobby Lounge at Jumeirah Al Naseem. Hand poured from an elegant jug into a coupe glass, the Rosebud is a romantic amalgamation of infused rose petals, mango and strawberry tea, lime cordial, strawberry syrup, rose water and mixed berries. The fragrant floral notes and ambrosial fruits combine to capture the intrigue and mysticism of the Middle East.


Honey Rider – Frankfurt

You’ll find this honey-infused number buzzing around Ember Bar & Lounge in Frankfurt – quite literally. For at the top of Jumeirah Frankfurt, 40,000 bees reside at the hotel’s very own Skyline Honeybees apiary. Honey from the hive gives this mocktail a sweet, floral taste against notes of apple, raspberry, orange and passion fruit. The variety of flowers and the lack of pesticides make our Skyline Honey extra aromatic – perfect for cocktails.

Make a Honey Rider at home:

  • 100ml orange juice
  • 100ml apple juice
  • 50ml raspberry juice
  • 100ml passion fruit juice
  • 60ml honey

– Put all ingredients together in a cocktail shaker, add ice and shake it.
– Pour it in a long glass over ice and enjoy.


Candy Spice – Abu Dhabi

Don’t be deceived by this sugary-sounding recipe, for at its heart it hides a bold, fiery surprise. Created at Abu Dhabi’s elegant Nahaam restaurant, Candy Spice playfully mixes freshly muddled strawberry and squeezed lemon with cranberry and ultra-hot Tabasco sauce. Hot, sweet and sour, Candy Spice is a perfectly balanced summer refresher. Drink yours at Nahaam’s smart open-air lounge overlooking the iridescent Arabian Gulf, as palms sway gently in the warm breeze.

Woman at brunch in Nahaam at Jumeirah at Etihad Towers