The Leg School® at Burj Al Arab

Capri Island’s world renowned treatment is now available in Dubai


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A revolutionary leg treatment previously only available in Italy can now be experienced in the United Arab Emirates. Capri Palace Jumeirah is home to Capri Beauty Farm’s Capri Medical Spa, a world-class medical spa set in a secluded 18th century villa on the Italian island of Capri. It is here that the world’s first Leg School® treatment was developed, a special therapeutic programme designed to treat cellulite and vascular problems in the lower limbs. Here is a deep-dive into the treatment, now available at Talise Spa in Burj Al Arab in Dubai.


Inspired by expert research and development

The programme was developed over several years of research by Capri Medical Spa’s Medical Director, Professor Francesco Canonaco, to help improve blood circulation in the lower limbs.

Formulated and patented by the professor, it consists of the application of medicated mud. Its active ingredients stimulate the surface of the skin and its inner layers, increasing elasticity and preventing stretch marks.

The 90-minute treatment also uses Kneipp hydrotherapy, during which hot and cold water is used to stimulate the lymphatic system and boost circulation. This helps strengthen capillaries, drain tissue and increase oxygen levels.

Capri Beauty Farm at Capri Palace Jumeirah


Now available in Dubai

After Capri Island, Dubai is the second location in the world to host this treatment.

The Leg School® is available by appointment only at Talise Spa at Burj Al Arab.

The Spa’s Director, Paulina Mercader Aguilar, says, “Our concept of self care goes far beyond a facial, spin class or meditation session. For us, it’s about working with leading wellness practitioners from around the world to offer exclusive, performance driven treatments and products that get results.”

Talise Spa at Burj Al Arab


How the treatment works

A wellness practitioner begins the experience by stimulating the lymphatic system for eight minutes, with a contrast of temperature therapy which helps boost circulation. Cold medicated mud consisting of rich active ingredients is then applied to invigorate the walls of your veins and decongest tired legs. Meanwhile, you can enjoy a therapeutic scalp massage – the perfect opportunity to switch off.

The massage is followed by the application of cool medicated bandages, enriched with a revolutionary and secret formula which helps treat water retention and reduce cellulite. Your masseuse will then massage your face with quartz crystals before applying a restorative 24k gold and damask rose mask.

The treatment ends with the application of Professor Canonaco’s patented ‘gel gambe,’ enriched with plant and mineral extracts. This helps restore vitality and lightness to the legs while improving your circulation. The metabolism is also stimulated due to improved circulation.

Lastly, you are invited to relax and enjoy a detox juice in the calming surrounds of the amphitheatre.

Book an individual Leg School® session or a bundle of sessions for ongoing treatment at Talise Spa at Burj Al Arab in Dubai.