How to plan the wedding of your dreams in Dubai

Hannah Matthews of Couture Events offers her tips for a seamless Dubai wedding


How to plan the wedding of your dreams in Dubai

Hannah Matthews of Couture Events offers her tips for a seamless Dubai wedding

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Year-round sunshine, backdrops plucked from Arabian fairy tales, and venues looking over the Arabian Gulf. It would be hard to find a more perfect city for your special day. The possibilities can make decision-making hard, so we enlisted local wedding specialist Hannah Matthews of Couture Events to educate us on how to make a wedding the best it can be in the glorious City of Gold.

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Why should someone hold their wedding in Dubai?

As a destination, Dubai has everything a couple needs. As a planner, we have access to almost anything, meaning nothing is impossible in terms of event management and decoration. We also have one of the best and most accessible airports in the world, making it the ideal location for international guests. Dubai is also tolerant of all religions, so you’ll be able to have the wedding of your choice. From my previous experience in Europe, it can be difficult to legally marry in certain destinations, whereas Dubai allows our clients to ‘tie the knot’ pretty much anywhere.

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What makes the Emirate so special?

Dubai still retains a special Arabian charm that only adds to its attraction. It has traditional old-world heritage as well as an exciting modern vibrancy, which really makes the city a spectacular destination for couples seeking an unforgettable wedding experience.


What can you find at a Jumeirah venue in Dubai that you will find nowhere else?

Jumeirah hotels and resorts are known for thalways received incredible service from all of the hotels we’ve worked with and this is very important for clients. 

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What are your three top tips for planning the perfect wedding?

  1. Hire a wedding planner. There’s always something that will challenge you, usually in the latter stages, which can be very stressful without assistance.
  2. Choose your venue wisely. Guests will appreciate the decoration but what they remember most is how they were made to feel. This means ensuring exceptional service, delicious food and everything running smoothly.
  3. Make little details personal. It’s important to make sure a wedding reflects who the couple are. Little touches make such a huge difference.


What is the first question you ask when someone approaches you to plan their wedding?

It’s always nice to be able to say your client can afford everything that they want but in reality, this isn’t always the case. We need to know their priorities, and every answer is different. Some want incredible food, others want only to entertain their guests. Once we understand this, we can help them find the right venue and recommend the right suppliers.

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Is there anything people often overlook that you think is vital to a memorable wedding?

If the couple have hired a planner, they won’t have overlooked anything.


What’s the most memorable wedding you’ve ever planned?

In August 2013, I planned a vow renewal for a couple in the UK. The groom had been fighting a brain tumour for many years and had been told in July that he only had three months to live. The power of social media took over and within 24 hours we had raised thousands of pounds, and I had confirmed vendors from all over the UK, offering their services for free. It was the most humbling experience of my life and one I will never forget. Seeing that family come together to celebrate his life was truly inspiring, and I was just grateful to have played a part in making it happen. 

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What’s the most unusual request you’ve ever received?

I had a couple who wanted to elope in Portugal. They were the sweetest couple, but they had several unusual requests. The most unusual being ‘Smurf’ decoration. They said the Smurfs were a big part of their lives and I had to incorporate that into the wedding. It was an interesting experience and another one I’ll never forget.


For the Dubai wedding of your dreams, Jumeirah hotels and resorts offer world-class venues, catering and hospitality that will make your choices simple.