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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is the Sirius programme changing?

A. Jumeirah Hotels and Resorts endeavours to ensure we always give our members the best possible experience when they stay with us and to deliver against our STAY DIFFERENT™ brand promise. We are enhancing our recognition and rewards programme Sirius to enable Jumeirah to be more innovative and to continue to deliver an industry leading programme that our members can be proud of.

Q. What is new about Jumeirah Sirius?

A. There are many exciting new features to the Jumeirah Sirius that we are so excited to share with you but also many of your most valued benefits that remain. In order to support such changes we will be running the whole programme on a brand new technology platform that will allow for even more innovations in the future. We will have a new and enhanced brand presence, and you will receive new membership cards next time you move through the programme tiers or retain your current status. We have also enhanced your benefits, upgraded the points earning system and improved our website, putting everything you need to manage your account and avail your privileges at your fingertips.

Q. When will the changes come into effect?

A. The enhanced Jumeirah Sirius Recognition and Rewards programme will come into effect on 1 June 2015. You will receive an email notification shortly after asking you to create a new login password for our new website.

Q. How will these changes impact my current membership?

A. All the exciting changes within the Jumeirah Sirius programme have been made with our members in mind, so nothing has been taken away from our members. In fact, we have enhanced existing member benefits and ensured consistent delivery across all Jumeirah hotels, resorts and residences worldwide. The key change you will notice is to the way you will earn Sirius Points moving forward. 

Q. What will happen to my existing membership, Points and Tier Points?

A. Your existing Sirius Tier status will remain unchanged. The way you earn and redeem Sirius Points though is one of the key programme improvements. As of 1 June 2015, all Jumeirah Sirius members will earn 2 Jumeirah Sirius Points and Tier Points for every 1 USD spent*. 

Jumeirah Sirius Silver and Gold Tier members will earn an additional 50% Bonus Sirius Points giving access to rewards even faster!**

Your existing Sirius Points and Tier Points balances will be converted to the new Jumeirah Sirius Points value on 1 June 2015.

*On all eligible spend 
** 50% Bonus Points is not applicable to Tier Points

Q. How can I calculate my new Points balance?

A. To calculate your new Jumeirah Sirius Points balance, please click here and enter your current Sirius points balance. In essence, a multiplier of 7.63 will be applied to your existing Sirius Points and Tier Points balances, so for example, if today you have 10,000 Sirius Points, your new Jumeirah Sirius Points balance will be 76,300 Jumeirah Sirius Points (10,000 X 7.63).

Q. How will earning Sirius Points change for me from 1 June 2015?

A. You will continue to earn Sirius Points whenever you stay with us on an eligible rate, dine or relax at any Jumeirah Hotel, Resort or Residence around the world. However, from 1 June 2015 you will earn 2 Sirius Points and Tier Points per 1 USD spent, with Silver and Gold Tier members earning 50% bonus Sirius Points (bonus does not apply to Tier Points). You must always show your Jumeirah Sirius card on each occasion to earn points or to avail of stay or lifestyle benefits as well as relevant dining or leisure savings.

Q. Will I receive a new Jumeirah Sirius Membership card?

A. You will not receive a new card immediately and you will still be able to use your existing Sirius membership card until it reaches expiry. At this time, a new Jumeirah Sirius card will be sent to all members who achieve or retain their Silver or Gold Tier status.

Q. Why am I unable to use my online account service?

A. Due to the required upgrade of Jumeirah Sirius technology systems, from 24 May until 1 June 2015 all Sirius members will be unable to access their online account, update personal details nor perform any other type on online service, such as booking Sirius Points rewards. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding.

Q. Am I still able to earn Jumeirah Sirius Points and Tier Points between 24 May and 1 June 2015?

A. Yes, you will still be able to book, stay and earn with Jumeirah Sirius, you will also be able to book existing offers through our cut-over period. Please be advised however that any eligible Sirius Points and Tier Points you earn during this period will only reflect on your Jumeirah Sirius membership account after 1 June 2015.

Q. Can I still make reward bookings with my Sirius Points between 24 May and 1 June 2015?

A. Our aim is to ensure there minimal disruption to our members. However, during the systems upgrade period, neither Sirius members, nor our hotels or resorts, nor the Sirius Contact center team will able to perform any Sirius Points redemption transactions for any type of reward (stay, dining, lifestyle or partners). We therefore encourage members to make any reward bookings before 24 May if required during this period. After 1 June, reward bookings will be possible again.

Q. How many Tier Points will I need to reach the next membership level or retain my current status?

A. Progressing through Jumeirah Sirius from Blue to Gold has also been streamlined for our members, new and existing; the Tier journey for Jumeirah Sirius will be as follows:

  • Blue to Silver Tier – a member needs 10,000 Tier Points
  • Blue to Gold Tier – a member needs 40,000 Tier Points (in one stay/transaction) 
  • Silver to Gold Tier – a member needs 30,000 Tier Points
  • Gold members require 30,000 Tier Points to maintain their Gold Tier Status for a further year
  • Silver members require 10,000 Tier Points to maintain their Silver Tier Status for a further year 

Q. Is there a new fourth Tier with Jumeirah Sirius?

A. No, at this stage there are no plans to announce a fourth tier for Jumeirah Sirius, we will continue to have Blue, Silver and Gold Tier levels.

Q. How will I be able to redeem my Jumeirah Sirius Points after 1 June 2015?

A. Jumeirah Sirius members will continue to be able to spend their Points online for Stays, Spa and Dining experiences. However, due to improved website functionality, for all spa, dining or lifestyle rewards you can now book your rewards on the day you wish to use them! You will instantly receive an e-voucher by email which you can present at the time of availing of your reward.

Q. What do you mean by No Points Expiry with Jumeirah Sirius?

A. From 1 June 2015, saving for your next holiday or dream experience has never been simpler. As a Jumeirah Sirius Member your Points will never expire as long as, in the previous 12 months, you have earned Points at any Jumeirah Hotel, Resort or Residence worldwide. 

Q. What do you mean by Last Room Availability?

A. What good are Points if you can’t use them when you want to? We have removed the black-out dates. As long as there’s an available room in your preferred hotel, on your desired dates, use your Jumeirah Sirius Points to book and stay. The number of Jumeirah Sirius Points that would be required for your chosen dates will vary at the time of making the booking, based on the length of your stay, the time of year, as well as of course the hotel and room type booked.

Q. Will I need more Jumeirah Sirius Points to redeem for rewards in the new programme?

A. In line with the change in Jumeirah Sirius’ Points earning model, the number of Points required for rewards will also change proportionately. The number of Points required for a room booking may increase if you want to reserve over a peak period for a hotel which would have otherwise been a black-out day and no reward bookings possible in the current rewards proposition.

Q. Can I redeem my Jumeirah Sirius Points on the existing rates after 1 June 2015?

A. No, due to the change of the Points earning system, new redemption rates and will also apply after 1 June 2015.

Q. I have used my Points to make redemption already, can I still use this voucher?

A. Yes, if you have an existing voucher that you have redeemed your Points for, this voucher(s) would still be eligible for use and the expiry date on face of the voucher still applies.

Q. Is the Jumeirah Sirius redemption awards table changing?

A. Yes, from 1 June 2015 we are improving the Jumeirah Sirius rewards options and flexibility of use, please visit jumeirahsirius.com after 1 June for more details.

Q. Will I be able to book the current promotional offers after 1 June?

A. Yes, absolutely. After 1 June though, you will earn Sirius Points based on the new Points earning structure.

Q. When will I receive more information on the new Jumeirah Sirius program?

A. Ensuring we communicate opening and clearly with our Jumeirah Sirius members during our programme change period is very important to us; we will be sharing with you more details about our new programme over the coming weeks and providing even more incite to the exciting changes. The best way to stay informed and also to learn more about our new programme is by visiting jumeirahsirius.com.


Supplementary Cardholders

 Q. What happens to my supplementary members account after 1st June  2015?

A. Starting 1st of June 2015, all existing supplementary members will be able to enjoy the benefits of Jumeirah Sirius as individual Jumeirah Sirius member.

They will have the opportunity to collect and exchange their own Jumeirah Sirius Points which can be used for a variety of unforgettable experiences with Jumeirah and also move up through the Tiers, as well as enjoying exclusive offers and communications. This is applicable only to existing supplementary members.

Q. Will my membership number change as part of the new individual membership given after 1st of June 2015

 A. No, Supplementary members can continue to use their existing Sirius membership number and  can continue to collect Points by presenting their existing membership card.

 Q. Until when can my supplementary cardholder have access to my account details?

A. Your registered supplementary cardholder may collect and exchange Sirius Points via your primary account until midnight on 24 May 2015. After this date they will no longer be able to access your account. Any Points collected after that will be registered directly in their individual Jumeirah Sirius account.

Q. Can my supplementary continue to collect Points on my behalf?

A. Starting 1st June 2015, Supplementary members will not be able to earn Jumeirah Sirius Points on your behalf, and their Points will no longer be added to your membership account. Any Points earned after the 1st of June 2015 will be added to your supplementary cardholders individual account, to which only they will be able to access.

Q. Can my supplementary members redeem Points on my behalf?

A. Starting 25th of May, your supplementary member will no longer be able to redeem your Sirius Points on your behalf via their supplementary member access. 


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