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Frequently Asked Questions

General Enquiries

Q. Who is Jumeirah? 
A. Jumeirah is a world class international hotel and hospitality company which currently manages hotels in  Abu Dhabi, Baku, Dubai, Frankfurt, Istanbul, London, maldives, Mallorca, Rome and Shanghai. Please view our Portfolio for more information.

Q. What is Jumeirah Living? 
A. Jumeirah Living is our luxury brand of residences and serviced apartments. Whether for short, mid-term or extended stays, Jumeirah Living will offer innovative yet personal lifestyle experiences unique to each guest, resident and owner, with a strong emphasis on effortless living. 

Q. Where is the head office located? 
A. Jumeirah Group Head Office is located on Al Sufouh Road, PO Box 73137, Dubai, UAE.

Q. Who should I contact at Jumeirah? 
A. Please view our 'Contact Us' section. Should you be unable to locate the contact you are looking for, please email info@jumeirah.com with the relevant information and we will ensure your email is passed to the appropriate department.

Q. Where do I send questions and comments about this website? 
A. Please comment by submitting the 'Feedback' form. If you are experiencing technical difficulties, please email to webmaster@jumeirah.com, include a brief explanation and provide any error messages received. We truly appreciate your feedback and will consider your ideas when enhancing our site with further content, features and functionality.

Q. Where can I send comments regarding a past stay, dinner or spa treatment at a hotel within the group? 
A. Please send comments by submitting the 'Feedback' form. Be sure to include the subject of enquiry and your contact information.

Q. Who do I need to contact for any media requests? 
A. Please contact our Corporate Communications department for any media requests. You may log on to the Press Centre for further details or send an email to Corporate Communications at pr@jumeirah.com.

Q. What is Sirius? 
A. Inspired by the brightest star in the night's sky, Sirius is our dazzling new and improved Recognition and Rewards Programme from Jumeirah. Sirius is divided into three tiers - Blue, Silver and Gold - with Gold our most illustrious and coveted tier. While all tiers earn Sirius Points, which can be redeemed against a glittering world of new Awards, Silver and Gold members also receive an exclusive package of privileges. Log on to www.mysiriuscard.com for all the latest Sirius news, including details of Awards and Special Offers.

Q. What is your policy on 'Lost & Found' items? 
A. Should any guests lose personal belongings whilst staying at a Jumeirah Hotel or Resort in Dubai, if recovered, the item will be recorded as 'found' by that particular property.
Each property keeps detailed records of all 'found' items, and will store these for a maximum of three months. After this period, in line with the directives of the General Department of Criminal Investigation in Dubai, all unclaimed items will be handed over to the nearest Police Station.
These 'found' items will then be kept at the police warehouse for a further three months after which they will be auctioned, and any funds raised given to charity.
Should hotel guests need to locate any item after the initial three month period expires, they are requested to contact the hotel who will assist in coordinating with the police station where the found items are handed over. The police will then advise the necessary procedures to locate any item.


Q. How can I make an online reservation? 
A. To make a reservation online select Check Rates & Book Now.

Q. How can I amend or cancel an online reservation? 
A. Please go to 'Check Rates & Book Now' section of the hotel you have a reservation for. You will find and an area called 'Cancellations and Amendments'. For all other amendments and cancellations, email or call our Reservations Office.

Q. Why is my credit card needed to make a reservation? 
A. Your credit card is only used as a form of guarantee. Your credit card details are required to make a reservation but will not be charged at the time of booking. 


Q. Where can I find information about career opportunities within the group? 
A. Information about the group's career opportunities is located on this Web site. Please view our Careers section online.

Q. Where can I send my resume? 
A. You may submit your resume online through our Careers section.


General Programme Information

1. What is Jumeirah’s loyalty programme called and what does it mean?
Jumeirah’s loyalty programme is called ‘Sirius’ and it has been designed to recognise and reward loyal guests of Jumeirah.

2. What are the benefits and why should I join Sirius?
There are a variety of benefits associated with being a Sirius member, click here to view the full list. Depending on the level of tier membership, Blue, Silver or Gold, guests are entitled to a number of automatic privileges including savings on dining and lifestyle, complimentary breakfast and late checkout as well as access to special offers and invites to events throughout the year.
In addition, members also have the opportunity to earn Sirius Points when they stay, dine, relax or shop with Jumeirah worldwide.  These accrued Points can then be used to redeem and reward themselves and their families with world-class experiences including stays, dinner for two, spa treatments and much more. 

3. How can I apply to be a member?
There are two ways to sign up for the Sirius membership:
Online by clicking here or pick up an application form from any Jumeirah hotel or resort.

4. Can anybody apply?
Anyone over the age of 18 can apply to be a Sirius member. The only exception is colleagues of Jumeirah Group.

5. Are there any charges for this membership?
Membership is free of charge.

6. When can I get my permanent Sirius card?
As soon as you apply, you will receive a temporary card which you can start using immediately to earn Sirius Points. After you spend a minimum of US$30, you will receive your permanent card within 28 working days.

7. What is the highest status?
There are three levels of membership, Blue, Silver and Gold with Gold being the highest category and therefore offering the most attractive benefits.

8. Do you have a website?
Sirius has a dedicated website which can be found at www.mysiriuscard.com.  The website contains all the information about Sirius as well as allowing members to manage their account online with an online profile. Members can also instantly reward themselves by choosing from the special offers available.

9. Do you have a family loyalty programme?
Sirius enables up to three family members or friends to apply as supplementary members. This means all Sirius Points earned on supplementary cards will be allocated to the Primary Sirius member, helping you to reach your rewards faster.

10. Can you be a Sirius member if you do not stay at a Jumeirah hotel?
Absolutely as there is still the opportunity to earn Sirius Points by dining, shopping or relaxing at Jumeirah.

11. Is Sirius a ‘stay’ only programme?
No. Members can also earn Points when they dine, shop and spa with Jumeirah.

12. Is Sirius a global programme?
Sirius is a truly global programme allowing members to earn and redeem at any Jumeirah hotel and resort around the world as well as at Jumeirah Living, Jumeirah’s serviced residences, Wild Wadi Water park, Jumeirah Restaurants and with our global partners.

13. Do you have a Corporate Programme?
We do not currently have a Corporate Programme

14. Do you have a couple membership?
Sirius only offers individual memberships.

15. Do you communicate in other languages?
Currently, we only communicate in English.

16. Does my membership get renewed automatically?
Yes. You do not need to request for a renewal card as it will be sent to your address automatically depending on your Tier points balance.

Registering Your Account

1. How can I register my membership online?
You can register your membership online by simply using the Sirius Login at the top of every page.

2. How can I get a password?
By registering your account via the Sirius website, you will be automatically assigned a password which you can use to manage your account online.

3. Can I check my account and Points online?
You can check your account and your Points online by logging on to the website with your membership number and password

4. What should I do if I forget my password?
You can select ‘retrieve’ and an email will automatically be sent to you.

5. Can I change my details online?
Your contact details can be changed online by simply logging on to your profile with your membership number and password.

Earning Sirius Points

1. How soon can I start earning Sirius Points?
From the time you complete an application form, you can immediately start to earn Sirius Points.

2. How long does it take to see my Points in my account?
Points can take up to 7 days to be credited  to your account.

3. Where and when can I use my Sirius Card to earn Points?
Whenever you visit a Jumeirah hotel or resort either to stay, dine, spa or shop, you can use your Sirius card. You can also use your Sirius card at Jumeirah Living and Wild Wadi waterpark.

4. What is eligible spend?
Sirius Points are earned on the net amount excluding government taxes and fees and applicable service charges and after any discount has been applied to the bill. Sirius Points will not be earned on membership fees, conference and banqueting functions, service charges, municipality fees paid, telephone calls, miscellaneous items, visit visas, and paid out charges. Sirius Points will not be earned on food and beverage transactions at a property managed by Jumeirah Living.

5. Can I earn Points on all types of room bookings?
You can only earn Points on eligible room bookings associated with eligible rates. Sirius Points will be awarded on all eligible rooms rates. Eligible room rates are those defined as “publicly available” via Jumeirah’s website or booked through Jumeirah hotels directly or booked through properties managed by Jumeirah Living directly. When a booking is made via Travel Agent or individual wholesaler/tour operator, these packages are not considered eligible. Other non-eligible rates are defined as airline crew rates, travel industry employee rates, group bookings, Conference and Incentive events, Government, Special Discounted stays, Discounted Long stays, Banquets, Club Membership fees, Gift Vouchers, and Jumeirah employee rates. Barter, complimentary and reward stays do not qualify for Sirius Points. Please be aware that certain elements of room charges and package rates may not be eligible for Points

6. Why do my Points appear low even though my total bill is high?
As some spend (mentioned in point 4) may not be eligible for Points.

7. Can I give my card to my family or friend to use?
The card is not transferable for family members or friends and must only be used by the member.

8. Can I claim Points for past purchases?
You can claim for past purchases for a period of up to six months. For room stays, login to our website. For other spend, please send a copy of the invoice together with your membership number to Sirius@mysiriuscard.com.

9. How long are my Points valid for?
Sirius Points are valid for up to 2 years from the date of transaction.

10. Can I claim for Points for transactions before I became a Sirius member?
You can claim for previous transactions up to 45 days prior to becoming a member by sending us a copy of your invoice together with your membership number.

11. I booked and paid for the stay of a friend. Can I claim for Points on my card?
No, you would only be entitled to claim for Points if you stayed at the same time.

12. I stayed and paid for more than 2 rooms. Can I claim for Points?
Yes, you can claim for Sirius Points.  There is no maximum limit on how many rooms you can earn Points for. All rooms have to be paid under one invoice.

13. Can I earn Points on my Sirius card and my airline Miles card?
It is not possible to earn Points on both a Sirius card and an airline miles card.

14. Can my expired Points be re-instated?
Expired points cannot be re–instated once they have expired from your account.

15. Can I earn Points on my temporary card?
Yes. You will earn points on your temporary card. Simply present your temporary card at time of payment.

Redeeming Sirius Points

1. Where can I redeem my Sirius Points?
There are a variety of ways to redeem your Points in order to reward yourself. Choose from luxury stays, dining experiences, spa treatments, shopping at Jumeirah Retail, or enjoying family fun at Wild Wadi Water Park. You can also redeem with our select Sirius Partners allowing you to use your Points for shopping trips, gifts, travel and much more.

You can redeem your Sirius Points in one of three ways:

  • By calling our Sirius team
  • Logging on to our website
  • Contacting any of our hotel reservations team


2. Can I redeem by showing my card at any outlet to redeem instantaneously?
No, Points have to be redeemed before you visit any of our hotels. You can redeem instantly only at Jumeirah Retail outlets.  Points can be redeemed instantly on our website for room bookings.

3. How long does the redemption process take?
It takes two days  

4. How long are redemption rewards valid for?
Standard redemption vouchers are valid for six months.

5. Can redemptions be issued during a current stay?
Yes, they can but you cannot use Sirius Points which have been earned during the same stay.

6. Can I gift my Points or redemption voucher to my friends and family?
Yes, you can gift your redemption vouchers and it’s an ideal way to surprise your loved ones by using your Points to gift.

7. Can I redeem part cash and part Points if I do not have enough Points?
Unfortunately, you need to have the sufficient balance of Points to redeem.

8. Can I earn Airline miles on my Airline Frequent Flyer Membership?

 Yes, you can earn Airline Miles for room stays. Jumeirah partners with a number of airlines in order for you to benefit even further. You can view our list of airline partners here.

9. Can I transfer my Sirius Points to my Frequent Flyer Programme membership?
Yes this is possible with selected airline partners including Skywards, Delta, All Nippon Airlines and Japan Airlines.

10. Can I transfer my Frequent Flyer Programme Mileage to Sirius Points?
Unfortunately, you cannot transfer miles to Sirius Points.

11. Can I cancel my redemption voucher?
Yes, subject to approval, you can before the date of expiry. Simply contact our Sirius Team to arrange this.

12. Can I encash my Sirius Points?
No, Sirius Points cannot be used in exchange for cash.

13. Can I redeem outside of Jumeirah?
Yes, you can with selected Sirius Partners. Click here to find out more details.

14. Can I redeem all my Points in one redemption?
Yes, you may redeem all your Points in one transaction for redemptions in our Awards Table.

15. What is the minimum number of Points required for a redemption?
It is possible to redeem for just 75 Points which will reward you with a AED 50 Retail voucher at Souk Madinat Jumeirah.

Membership and Validity

1. How long is my membership valid for?
The Blue membership is valid indefinitely if you have spend registered within two years and Silver and Gold are both valid for one year.

2. Can I cancel my membership?
Your Sirius membership can be cancelled either by emailing the Sirius Team at sirius@mysiriuscard.com or calling +971 4 364 7500.

3. Can I transfer my membership or points?
Unfortunately, you cannot transfer your Sirius membership or points.

4. I have lost my card. Can I get a replacement card?
Yes. Simply contact our Sirius Team who will arrange for a replacement to be sent to you.

5. Can I pay to be upgraded to a Gold or Silver tier?
We currently do not offer this option.

6. Can I get upgraded to a Gold membership immediately?
This is possible if you spend US$16,510 (eligible spend) for a single transaction.  

7. Can my membership become deactivated?
Yes. If no spend is registered on the Sirius Card during a 24 month period, the Member’s Account will lapse and only be reactivated upon new spend being registered on the Membership Account.

8. How can I activate it again?
By using your Sirius card when staying, dining, shopping or relaxing with Jumeirah.

9. Can my PA operate and manage my account?
This is possible, but only after the Primary account holder authorizes it.

10. What is the difference between the two validity dates on my card?
The Membership Expiry is when your membership tier is up for renewal and the card expiry is when your physical card is no longer valid. The difference is one month between both dates.

11. Do I have to pay for the delivery of my card?
No, your card will be mailed to you.

Family and Friends Membership

1. How many ‘Family and Friends’ can I enrol?
You can enrol up to three family and friends.

2. Will they get the same tier that I have?
No, they will always remain as Blue members.

3. Can they earn Tier Points?
Supplementary members do not earn Tier Points.

4. Can a supplementary member redeem Points?
Yes, they can redeem Points on your behalf.

Customer Service Centre

1. Do you have a customer service centre?
We do have a customer service centre which is available seven days a week.

2. How can I contact them?
You can email the team at sirius@mysiriuscard.com  or call to +971 4 364 7500.

Benefits for Silver & Gold

1. Can I transfer my benefits to my friends and family if I, as the holder of the card, am not present?
No, you must be present in order for family and friends to benefit.

2. Are there any terms to my benefits usage?
Yes, please visit our Terms and Conditions page.

3. Can I contact them at any time?
Our Sirius Team is available 7 days a week, between 08:00 to 21:00 Dubai time.

4. Do you have a toll free number?
Sirius has a toll free number for calls from within Dubai only:  800 7474 874.

5. Why do I have to answer security questions?
Security questions are as per policy and legal requirements and ensure that we share your account details with only you. It helps keep your information safe.


1. How many tiers does Sirius have?
There are 3 tiers – Blue, Silver and Gold with Gold being our most elite tier.

2. What are Tier Points?
Tier Points are the status currency of the Sirius Programme and are used to calculate eligibility for the Blue, Silver and Gold memberships.

3. How can I earn Tier Points?
Tier Points are earned simultaneously with your Sirius points. One Tier Point will be earned for every USD $3 on net eligible spend. Tier Points are only awarded to Members for eligible non-promotional spend, tracked within Jumeirah.  

 4. How many Tiers Points are required to reach each tier?
Tier Points Required


10 - 1,500 Sirius Points


1,501 - 4,000 Sirius Points


4,001+ Sirius Points

 Temporary members can be directly upgraded to higher Tier Status i.e. directly to Silver or Gold.



Temporary to Silver Status

Member requires 1,510 Tier Points

Temporary to Gold Status

Member requires 5,510 Tier Points

Blue to Gold Status

Member requires 5,500 Tier Points

5. Can Tier Points be redeemed?
No, Tier Points only determine the level of your membership.

6. How long is a membership term?
The Blue membership is valid indefinitely if you have spend registered within two years and Silver and Gold are both valid for one year.

7. What happens if I have not earned the required Tier Points?
Members will be downgraded one level.

8. How many Tier Points are deducted at the time of upgrade, renewal and downgrade?
Your Tier Points’ balance will be reset to ‘NIL’ at the time of an upgrade or downgrade.
At renewal, the required Tier Points are deducted (1499 for Silver and 3999 for Gold) and the balance will be retained in your account.


1. Can I view my statement of Points via the website?
Yes, you can. Simply log on to your profile at www.mysiriuscard.com to view you statement at any time.

2. How often do you send statements of Points and how are these sent?
Statements are sent every quarter and communicated as e-statements. However, you can view your statement via our website at any time.

3. Do you display Points which are about to expire?
Yes, we do. We advise member of points due to expire via email statements and on our website.


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