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Explore tranquillity with exclusive offers at our renowned Talise Ottoman Spa.

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Valid until January 2026.

Offer benefits

Embark on a journey to tranquility at the award-winning Talise Ottoman Spa where luxurious surroundings transport you effortlessly to pure relaxation. Our offers have been crafted to help you realise well-being all through the year.

Holistic Ottoman Massage:

  • A harmonious fusion of techniques inspired by traditional Turkish massage, this 90-min relaxing treatment includes long fluid strokes to relax the muscles, kneading to release deep-seated tension, and gentle stretching to promote flexibility and mobility.
  • Price: AED 845 excluding VAT

Revitalising Turkish Hammam and Massage:

  • The experience commences with a gentle and rhythmic express hammam using a traditional kese glove to slough away impurities and promote skin cell renewal. A blend of aromatic oils is carefully selected for their therapeutic properties and applied to dry skin as the therapy transitions into a harmonious fusion of traditional massage & stretching techniques to relax the muscles and release deep-seated tension and promote flexibility and mobility. The experience concludes with heated packs and a revitalizing head and scalp massage, a gesture of care and attention that bestows a profound sense of relaxation, promoting mental clarity and tranquility
  • Price: AED 1,000 excluding VAT

Family Revitalising Spa Package:

  • Unwind as you introduce your little one to world of aromatic scents, healing crystals and a relaxing experience at Talise Ottoman Spa. Enjoy a spa bonding and memorable moments with us as you and your precious one choose from our exclusive selection of treatments that will release tension and rejuvenate the body.

Tranquillity moments with Mom or Dad:

  • Soothing freestyle massage uses Lavender oil that can assist in relaxation, channeling of emotions, and energy & ease muscular pain and tension.
  • Price: 45 minutes for AED 880
  • Timings: Available from Sunday to Saturday

Radiance Facial with Mom or Dad:

  • Using chemical-free products from Australia, this gentle facial entails cleansing, light exfoliation and a relaxing face massage that naturally hydrates and brings back the skin’s radiance and glow.
  • Price: 45 minutes for AED 880
  • Timings: Available from Sunday to Saturday

Bubble Bath with Mom or Dad:

  • A therapeutic warm bath that relaxes the body and promotes a good night sleep.
  • Price: 45 minutes for AED 675
  • Timings: Available from Sunday to Saturday

Ladies Spa Night:

  • Enjoy a ladies night out at the spa and indulge a 45-minute signature Hammam treatment followed by a 60-minute body massage and complementary spa refreshments. Also, receive a gift to take home with you.
  • Price: AED 715 per person
  • Timings: Every Monday from 17:00 onwards

Gentlemen's Night:

  • Gentlemen, we present the most important appointment of the week: every Wednesday, give yourself the treatment you have earned. First, revive your body with a 45-minute signature Hammam treatment, followed by a 60-minute body massage and then appease your palate with refreshments. Also, receive a gift to take home with you.
  • Price: AED 715 per person
  • Timings: Every Wednesday from 17:00 onwards 

Discover Arabian Essences:

  • Enjoy a day of well-being inclusive of beach and pool access with an essential oil treatment experience at the Talise Ottoman Spa. Culminate your experience with lunch at our beachside BoHo family restaurant at Zenzi Beach or dinner at our authentic Lebanese restaurant, Al Nafoorah.
  • Price: AED 750 per person
  • Timings: Monday to Friday from 09:00 onwards

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