Press CentreJumeirah restaurants to introduce Traceable Seafood in partnership with Seafood Souq


Press CentreJumeirah restaurants to introduce Traceable Seafood in partnership with Seafood Souq

25 November 2021: Jumeirah Restaurants has announced a new partnership with UAE start-up Seafood Souq that will see Rockfish become the first restaurant in the region to have certified traceable seafood implemented across its menu.

With nearly half of seafood caught globally wasted and one in three fish not making it to the plate due to inefficiencies in the supply chain, Jumeirah Restaurants is contributing to a sustainable future for seafood via the introduction of new technology. Together with the Dubai-based online marketplace, it will implement ‘SFS Trace’ – a QR Code that diners can scan to view all traceability details of their fish and discover its journey from sea to plate. Launching initially at Jumeirah Al Naseem’s award-winning Mediterranean beachfront venue, the technology – created by Seafood Souq in the UAE – will later be rolled out across the wider Dubai restaurant portfolio, subject to the successful completion of its development phase.

Spencer Ayers, Managing Director of Jumeirah Restaurants, commented: “As we become increasingly aware of the world’s fragility and the steps needed to consume sustainably, Jumeirah Restaurants are committed to driving positive change across the industry. Consumers have the right to know where their food has come from; we have therefore partnered with sustainability champion and local start-up Seafood Souq to provide exactly that. In doing so, we hope to inspire others to introduce traceability in their supply chain and help sustain the seafood industry.”
“Traceability brings visibility, of not just the source but the entire supply chain, giving guests and Jumeirah Restaurants the tools to make responsible choices and contribute to a sustainable future for seafood.” Ayers added.

Sean Dennis, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder of Seafood Souq, added: ‘The traceability function aims to champion a more efficient and transparent supply chain, in support of the United Nation’s 2030 sustainable develop goals and to encourage the responsible sourcing of seafood products, minimise waste and ultimately contribute to a sustainable future of the industry. Our partnership with Jumeirah Restaurants is an important step towards this. With its commitment to innovation and sustainability, it is the perfect company to supply and collaborate with for the promotion of traceable seafood in the UAE and beyond.”

With nearly half of caught seafood wasted in the supply chain, and with one in five seafood products mislabelled globally, Seafood Souq is revolutionising and digitising the seafood industry. By creating a digital ecosystem for global seafood trade, the online marketplace is a featured collaborator for the United Nations’ Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, showcasing how the world can sustainably harvest and maintain a productive ocean.

Sustainability has long been part of Jumeirah Restaurants’ corporate social responsibility strategy, with the full portfolio of restaurants proactively implementing eco practices across their operations.

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