Press CentreCapri Palace Presents “L’Olivo Undiscovered”


Press CentreCapri Palace Presents “L’Olivo Undiscovered”

Capri, 16 July 2020: Continuing with the dynamic innovations for its 2020 season, Capri Palace elevates its dining offering with a new and exciting culinary concept ‘L’Olivo Undiscovered’ opening on 17 July 2020.

This eminent offspring of the hotel’s two-Michelin-star restaurant was created within a newly renovated hidden cellar, offering a unique atmosphere for food lovers to take their gastronomic appreciation to higher heights and savour the delights of Executive Chef Andrea Migliaccio’s two Michelin star creations.

In fact, L’Olivo Undiscovered is not only a culinary journey to celebrate the first 10 years spent by Chef Andrea at Capri Palace, but also an opportunity to discover a new setting, designed to combine the gastronomic experience, in harmony with a ritual that the ancient Greeks called Xenia, which underlines the significance of hospitality.

The intimate space was conceived and executed by Capri-born architect Francesco della Femina, who’s creative direction transformed this traditional cavò into a unique private club atmosphere that accompanies guests on an intimate culinary journey, with the partnership and creative vision of Sugokuoii events.

Ermanno Zanini, General Manager of Capri Palace and Regional VP for Italy and Spain of Jumeirah Group explains: “To celebrate this culinary milestone, we couldn’t think of a better setting than this intimate part of the hotel, where parties were once organised for the Capri elite. L’Olivo Undiscovered was conceived to enhance commensality, where guests come together to share special moments and enjoy a unique dining experience while becoming a part of our Capri Palace community.”

The glamorous bodega features a mix of antique and contemporary furniture, giving special attention to the lighting of the room where dimmable fixtures and a selection of candles create a magical atmosphere while being sophisticated and obtrusive. The chandeliers are hand-cut in the shape of olive leaves and are designed to create a dynamic spill of shadows. The Berger armchairs, upholstered in cool white linen, offer stylish comfort and opulence while complementing the luxuriously flowing white linen curtains.

Capri Palace's L’Olivo Restaurant, is the only Two Michelin star restaurant on the island. L’Olivo provides the stage for Executive Chef Andrea Migliaccio who performs his culinary magic. A native of nearby Ischia, Migliaccio takes the gastronomic traditions of the region and reinterprets them in an elegant and evolved fashion. His cuisine is inspired by simple principles: innovation and tradition, showcasing classical traditional dishes, combining the ingredients’ seasonality and the best selection of what the Mediterranean has to offer: a paradise of tastes and flavours with which Andrea Migliaccio grew-up.