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A Neighbourhood Guide To Frankfurt

09 Jun, 2019Located in the heart of this surprisingly vibrant city, the Jumeirah Frankfurt is just a few minutes walk from the city’s main sights, including the ever popular Zeil shopping street. You may want to put your retail therapy on hold however and indulge in a spot of actual therapy at the Talise Spa. Or enjoy a glass of something light and refreshing at the Ember Bar and Lounge. If you want something more substantial, there’s a choice of two world-class restaurants: The Max On One Grillroom and El Rayaan, a Lebanese restaurant.

A Guide to Seef, Bahrain

21 May, 2019Seef is the commercial district of Manama, the vibrant metropolis of the golden archipelago that is Bahrain. The district is a rich melting pot of cultures (Bahrain’s population is comprised of 60% expats), which has made it one of the most dynamic and enticing cities to explore in the entire Gulf. What’s more: it’s one of the Middle East’s better kept secrets, so expect to have its glittering shorelines and glamourous souqs all to yourself. From a morning at the malls to sunset at the bay, here’s how to spend a day in Seef.

24 Hours in Marylebone, London

13 May, 2019At once hip and well-to-do, Marylebone has an almost suburban feel, despite it being slap bang in the middle of London. Maybe it’s the beautifully-restored terraced houses, or the pockets of green space that dot the area, but there’s an almost village feel the area.

A Guide to Nanjing’s Purple Mountain

30 Apr, 2019They call Nanjing the ‘City of Emperors’ – a place magic of ancient Chinese dynasties is still manifest. Outside Zhongshan Gate, rising from the heart of the old capital, Zijin Shan or the ‘Purple’ Mountain stands with a steep incline and tapers upwards to peaks draped in strange mists that gain a purple hue at dawn and dusk. Once a key landmark for the city’s defence, the forested slopes now hide temples, mausoleums and observatories. It is the final resting place of age-old emperors and the storied heroes of ten dynasties, as well as being an important ecological monument and hallowed destination for holy pilgrimages.

Above the Waves: Bahrain’s white-knuckle Watersports

29 Apr, 2019Bahrain is a rugged shard of land attached to Saudi Arabia by the sinew of the King Fahd Causeway. The protrusive hook of Khalifa Bin Salman port has drawn a huge influx of shipping from across the Northern Gulf. With its strong seafaring history, busy port and warm Gulf waters, it’s no wonder Bahraini society and tourism has become so ocean-centric. Yacht clubs, dive schools, powerboat operators and organisations like Sail Bahrain now draw in tourists, transforming this island into one of the world’s best venues for white-knuckle water sports.

Guangzhou's most beautiful Temples

17 Apr, 2019The bustle of this port city is no new thing, Guangzhou has been the centre of trading in China for centuries. Today the modernised metropolis murmurs with low conversation and the slow milling of visitors. It seems the city has slowed somewhat in its later years, enticing tourists into leafy districts scattered with colonial architecture, mosques, restaurants and scattered temples, each with its own identity and story – each of some significance to the heritage of Guangzhou, and every single one undoubtedly worth a visit.

Discover Exclusive Dubai

11 Apr, 2019Any wander through Dubai quickly becomes a stroll through an exclusive fashion show, everywhere you look, you’ll find iconic brands. However, there’s much more to Dubai than big, international brands. For those in the know, Dubai is home to exquisite, exclusive boutiques, ranging from sleek concept fashion outlets to award-winning culinary schools.

7 Reasons you’ll Fall in Love with Kuwait

01 Apr, 2019Kuwait is one of the most underrated destinations in the Middle East. From gorgeous white-sand beaches perfect for watersports to exciting modern souks and enchanting archaeological sites, it's a country bursting with incredible activities. Here are our seven favourite reasons to fall in love with Kuwait.

Living London like a Local

30 Mar, 2019When Samuel Johnson said “there is in London all that life can afford” he wasn’t joking. From the capital city’s maze of side-streets to its never-ending list of boroughs, each with their own vibrant character, there is a lot to see in London, and also a lot to miss. Sometimes, even knowing where to begin can be an utter conundrum. But with a huge haystack comes a vast array of needles. Staying at our Grosvenor House Suites gives guests a feeling of independence, so here’s our local’s guide to London, what to look for and where to find it, and ultimately how to feel like a Londoner.

The Renaissance of the Arabian Oryx

26 Mar, 2019With elegant half-metre long horns, distinctive dark face markings, and a sleek sandy coat, the Arabian Oryx is the embodiment of the Arabian desert. Silent and graceful, they float like pastoral ghosts over the Gulf’s sun-stained sands. Seeing one is a near indescribable privilege: with nothing between you but the soft whisper of shifting sand-grains, an encounter is perhaps even more poignant than any you might experience on safari in the parks of Kenya or South Africa. From its place on the logos of many UAE companies to its portrait on the UAE Dirham, the Arabian Oryx is a symbol of Emirate heritage.

A Guide to Dubai's Comptoir 102 boutique

25 Mar, 2019A concept store with a difference in the heart of Dubai’s Jumeirah Beach Road. Wander down Jumeirah Street (calloquially known as Beach Road) past the bougainvillea-strewn villas and the low-slung shopping malls and you will come across something rather different. Located at number 102, in a pretty, one-storey converted villa, is Comptoir 102, part furniture store, part clothes store, part beauty store, part café. It’s relaxed, it’s chic, it’s original, and it’s become something of a sensation since it opened its doors in 2012.

In Search of The Humpback Dolphin in Abu Dhabi

24 Mar, 2019Think of the Abu Dhabi coast and your mind will probably conjure high-rise skylines, glamourous ports, and opulent maritime developments. But what about dolphins? Hidden offshore is one of the Indian Ocean’s most playful and peculiar creatures: the humpback dolphin. Usually elusive and small in number, a recent study conducted by the Environment Agency revealed that humpback dolphins flock to Abu Dhabi’s sandy coasts in search of warm waters. In fact, the study shows that Abu Dhabi is home to over 700 humpback dolphins, the largest known population in the world.


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