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Facts About Sea Turtles

Facts About Sea Turtles

Whilst turtle conservation is a truly global initiative, here are some interesting facts related to our particular corner of the world:

  • There are two types of turtle commonly found in the Gulf of Arabia, the Hawksbill and Green.
  • A female turtle can lay between 60 and 150 eggs depending on the species.
  • It takes the eggs around two months to incubate depending on the temperature.
  • The sex determination of a hatchling is temperature dependent.  Eggs incubated above a temperature of 31˚C will most likely be female while eggs below 29˚C will be male.  Eggs incubated between 29˚C and 31˚C will be of mixed sex.
  • Both Green and Hawksbill turtles nest within the region.
  • Turtles will always try to return to the very beach where they emerged to lay their eggs.
  • Mating takes place at sea, once the eggs are fertilized the female returns to land to lay her eggs.
  • Only one out of a thousand hatchlings survives until maturity (i.e. only 1 hatchling out of every 10 nests will survive to adulthood).
  • Turtles are long living creatures and can take as long as 30 years to reach sexual maturity.
  • Nobody is quite sure how long turtles live for but it is estimated that they can live in excess of 150 years.
  • Under UAE law it is prohibited to capture sea turtles of all species or to collect their eggs, the penalty for doing so includes imprisonment and/or a heavy fine.

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