The Sky is the Limit: Helicopter Experience

Embark on an adventure as you appreciate the beauty of the island from the heights of the clear blue skies.


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The Helicopter Experience at Jumeirah Port Soller Hotel & Spa promises an exclusive occasion to witness the island’s breathtaking beauty as you travel the air in absolute style. Our tailored experiences will provide you with scenic routes that will leave you amazed by the allure of the island. Whether you want to witness unlimited sea views and coastlines or fly above the UNESCO World Heritage Site Tramuntana Mountain Range, the choice is entirely yours to make.

Discover the hidden gems of Mallorca and allow yourself to be mesmerized by the diverse beauty that the nature of the island has to reveal.

The excitement begins to surge from the moment you step inside the helicopter, the anticipation building as you get ready for takeoff. With your dedicated personal pilot, entrusted to ensure your journey is exceptional, you get to cherish this moment as an intimate and exclusive experience, creating a special moment for both you and your companion.

As you fly over the island a sensation of boundless freedom envelops you, while you traverse the crystal blue heavens. Looking through the expansive windows of the helicopter you will be treated to breathtaking vistas of azure blue shallow waters and stunningly captivating sea panoramas, that will accompany you throughout your entire journey. Embrace the adventure and grant yourself the opportunity to admire the patterns and textures of the island as you fly across its magnificent mainland. Witnessing the skylines of Palma de Mallorca from unparalleled heights allows you to truly appreciate the complete magnificence of this Mediterranean city. While flying above Sa Calobra, nestled between ruggedmountains with unlimited sea viewsstretching into the horizon, is bound to leave you stunned.

Surpass your visual expectations as you cherish the diversity of landscapes across the island, witnessing the wild rock edges and infinite blue horizon into the glistening Mediterranean Sea.

Upon your return to the ground, you reflect on the breathtaking landscapes you had the privilege of witnessing. You're confident that you made unforgettable memories to carry with you.

Jumeirah Port Soller Hotel & Spa is dedicated to ensuring that your stay will be a memorable one. Offering a variety of different helicopter tours, our team is committed to finding the ideal one that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Whether you prefer a morning or afternoon flight, we are here to customize and find the perfect fit just for you.