DiningA Guide to Healthy Eating in Mallorca

Explore the life-affirming goodness of Mallorca's wonderful natural larder and healthy cuisine

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The life-enriching Mediterranean diet is celebrated for a reason. Plump, sun-ripened vegetables, fresh fish caught straight from the sea; all complemented with locally pressed olive oil. When it comes to eating healthily, Mallorcan’s are blessed with wonderful produce at their fingertips. Sprinkled with fragrant citrus groves and pretty almond trees, the mountainous island is a cornucopia of life-enhancing foods. From nutritious Mallorcan delicacies, to places to taste delicious organic, sustainable dishes, eat your way to wellness on the beautiful Balearic isle with our guide to healthy eating.

Healthy Eating in Mallorca - Almond tree


Healthy Mallorcan dishes

Like a French ratatouille, 'tumbet' is layer upon layer of carefully sliced aubergine, peppers and potato, topped with tomato and garlic then roasted to perfection. Loaded with veggie goodness, this 16th century Mallorcan dish is comfortingly and hearty.

The beauty of trampó’s simplicity lies in the quality of its homegrown ingredients. A Mallorcan summer salad of diced onions, peppers and tomatoes, this traditional dish has a place at every dinner table. When prepared with local ramallet tomatoes and dressed with peppery olive oil, trampó is delicious and versatile.

The sparkling waters around Mallorca are jumping with squid, which is the key ingredient in 'pica pica'. Diced and slowly stewed in a tomato, onion, garlic and paprika sauce, the salty tang of the squid lends this vibrant seafood dish a punch.

Healthy Eating in Mallorca - Nuts


Where to find amazing fresh produce

With a market every day of the week in Mallorca, islanders are spoilt for choice when it comes to accessing locally grown organic fruit and vegetables. Each Tuesday and Saturday, Palma’s Plaza del Patins comes alive with Mallorca’s first ecological market, Mercat Ecologic de Palma. Here farmers sell their 100% organic seasonal vegetables, homemade honey, sustainably caught fish and free-range meat to locals.

750,000 gnarled olive trees dot Mallorca’s landscape and from them comes some of the best olive oil in the world. Rich in vitamins A, D, E, and K, it helps with calcium absorption and gut health. Pick up a bottle of Extra Virgin Olis Sóller, from olives grown on the Tramuntana mountains at Fet a Sóller in Port de Sóller or Palma.

In February, the whole island is dappled with carpets of pinky-cream almond blossom. Sweeter and larger than typical ones, Mallorcan almonds are healthy and absolutely delicious. Pick them up in raw form to snack on or in an oil or paste to use in your cooking from artisanal producer, AMETTLA+ in the town of Artà.

Healthy Eating in Mallorca - Orange Groves


Where to eat

Delivering a double hit of health, Ziva-to-Go is both a raw and vegan restaurant in Palma. Using only locally grown, organic, ingredients, the chic, plant-based eatery serves up rainbow bowls laden with avocado, red onion, cucumber and black rice.

Perched on a cliff top, with spectacular views over the rolling waves, Cap Roig Brasserie at Jumeirah Port Soller Hotel & Spa is the place to go for just-caught, healthy seafood. Enjoy a rich lobster paella as the warm Mediterranean breeze washes over the open-air terrace.

Occupying a charming old building in the heart of Palma, Santosha imbues an authentic rustic elegance. Inspired by owners, Ruth & Eran’s travels, its menu brims with healthy dishes, such as roasted aubergine tacos with salad and homemade pickles, as well as house-fermented ginger beer.

Healthy Eating in Mallorca - Lobster Paella Cap Roig


Indulge in nutritious Mallorcan delicacies and delicious organic, sustainable dishes when you stay at Jumeirah Port Sóller