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These are the moments when the Maldives are at their most splendid

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The ultimate paradisiacal destination, the Maldives is an idyllic peppering of islands and atolls off the southern coast of India. The archipelago is blessed with year-round sunshine, with temperatures ranging between 24oC and 31oC, and the sea at a consistent balmy 25oC. Needless to say, visitors are spoilt for choice when timing an escape to this corner of paradise. These are the moments when the Maldives are at their most splendid.

For beach-lovers: the dry season

December marks the start of the Maldives’ peak season. The month is defined by endless hot and sunny days. The idyllic temperatures carry the season all the way through to March, with February being the driest month to visit. For sun-worshippers, this time of year is ideal. Stretch out on the beach or by the pool and soak up the island life. The dry season is also a perfect time for adventure sports, with excellent visibility for subaquatic activities such as scuba-diving and snorkelling. For those who want to stay dry, there’s deep-sea fishing and boat excursions.

Manta ray in the oean

For some peace and quiet, you could sidestep the peak season by taking a trip in November or April. During these months, hot, cobalt skies and long languid days receive occasional respite with short showers. The downpours inevitably pass quickly, and then it’s back out to the pool for another dip.

For active types: the wet seasons

Come May, the monsoon closes in, peaking in June and tapering off towards October. Despite the tropical storms and high levels of rainfall during this half of the year, there’s an abundance of things to do in the Maldives. Don’t miss the opportunity to slip beneath the waves on a scuba-diving safari. While visibility is slightly reduced because of the increase in plankton, it’s the best time of year to spot manta rays and whale sharks in the wild. Alternatively, when the heavens open, enjoy Jumeirah Vittaveli’s state-of-the-art facilities, including its beach-side skating rink.

A white sand beach in the Maldives

For those wishing to venture further afield, hop on a catamaran and head across the ocean to the capital Malé. There’s always plenty to do in this vibrant city, from the bustle of the fresh fish market to ancient Maldivian history at the National Museum.

July’s hot, humid days are punctuated by refreshingly short but heavy downpours during the monsoon season. Independence Day is a highlight of this month, when most resorts burst into life with colourful parades and celebratory banquets. Added to this, the surf is notoriously good at this time of year.

Stay at Jumeirah Vittaveli on Bolifushi Island to enjoy the best the Maldives has to offer throughout the year.