Travel guidesA to Z of the Maldives

Here’s how to make the most of this island paradise in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

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The ancient remnants of sunken volcanoes, atolls are the beautiful circular coral reefs that make up the Maldivian island chain.

Bolifushi Island

The home of Jumeirah Vittaveli, this palm-fringed island is a corner of paradise nestled within South Male Atoll.


Sip refreshing coconut water straight from the shell, while basking under the shade of a swaying palm.

Dolphin watching

More than 20 dolphin species occupy the waters surrounding the Maldives, and it’s a joy to watch these graceful creatures leap and dance through the water from aboard a boat.

Exotic flora and fauna

From mangroves and banyan trees, to giant fruit bats and flying foxes — the Maldives is home to a dazzling array of plant and animal life.


This unmissable island pastime is an irresistible way to spend an afternoon. Experience the thrill from a big-game yacht, or set sail in a traditional dhoni and try your hand at line fishing.


Surrounded by endless ocean, fish and seafood are often the order of the day in the Maldives. Expect fresh lobster barbecued to perfection on the beach, and a refined take on tasty local flavours at your resort.


In the Maldives, the hammock is your best friend and comfortable companion. Grab a good book and a great cocktail, and spend a lazy afternoon lounging in the shade.

A woman in a hammock in the Maldives


Indian Ocean

Surrounding the island nation, the blue expanse of the ocean invites leisurely dips and diving trips. Beneath its depths, a world of exploration awaits.

Jumeirah Vittaveli

A mesmerising island retreat with beachside and over-water villas, an incredible array of restaurants and thrilling watersports, Jumeirah Vittaveli is the ultimate in Maldivian escapes.


These channels between islands, atolls or reefs are home to strong currents, which attract big fish and allow divers to glide through them.


Dhivehi is spoken across the Maldives and is considered to be a combination of Sinhala from nearby Sri Lanka, Sanskrit from northern India and Persia.

Marine life

From whale sharks and turtles, to giant manta ray and barracuda; you’ll find all manner of incredible marine life in the Maldives. The best way to come face-to-face with this abundant ocean life is by snorkelling, scuba-diving or in a mini-submarine.


North Male Atoll

Home to the Maldives’ national capital of Male, which is known for its colourful buildings and lively fish market.

Over-water living

With its dreamy stilted villas that seem to hover above the Indian Ocean, the Maldives is a place where you can feel truly at one with the sea.

An over-water villa in the Indian Ocean


The national tree of the Maldives is locally referred to as the ‘tree of life’ and has been a supplier of natural resources for generations.

Quality time

Self-marooned on your own paradise island, your time in the Maldives presents the perfect opportunity to write your own Robinson Crusoe adventure.


A vital part of the Maldives’ ecosystem and a stunning natural wonder, reefs are best seen by snorkelling or scuba diving. Float in silence and watch as shoals of fish dart in and out of the coral.

Scuba diving

No visit to the Maldives would be complete without a subaquatic experience like scuba diving or snorkelling. Jumeirah Vittaveli’s PADI diving courses are suitable for all abilities.

A turtle swims off the coast of the Maldives


The Maldives is all about relaxation and me-time, and there’s nowhere better to indulge in this than with a soothing treatment at your resort’s spa.

Underwater worlds

The Maldives is one of those rare destinations where what lies beneath the waves is as captivating as what’s above them. From sunken shipwrecks to enchanting marine life, plunge to the depths of the Indian Ocean.


Tourists receive a free 30-day visa to stay in the Maldives, as long as your passport has at least six-months validity and you have a return ticket.


A sense of romance seeps from every grain of sand in the Maldives. Little wonder, as it’s one of the world’s most popular destinations to say ‘I do’ while standing barefoot on the beach. 

X marks the spot

Draw an ‘X’ in the sand and claim your little corner of the Maldives. Limited occupancies at your resort mean you’re guaranteed a piece of beachside solitude.


Practicing asanas at sunset on powdery white sands as the waves gently caress the shoreline is one of the most spiritual experiences you can have.


Castaway on your Maldivian island resort, there’s no better way to spend your lazy days than by taking things easy.