Romance10 reasons to stay at Jumeirah Vittaveli

A once-in-a-lifetime holiday, Jumeirah Vittaveli is a white-sand and azure sea dream

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Jumeirah Vittaveli is the epitome of paradisiacal retreats. From the private oversized pools of every suite and villa, to the picture-perfect Maldivian atoll setting, here are just 10 of the reasons to stay at Jumeirah Vittaveli.

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Freestanding Villas

Jumeirah Vittaveli features the only free-standing palaces in South Male Atoll, each accessible by boat, board or, for the adventurous, swimming. Residents can relax in utter serenity, completely detached from the rest of the world. And, should you need to cool off, each villa comes with a 23m slide to drop you straight into the sparkling waters.   


Maldivian Mansions

Every villa in Jumeirah Vittaveli is a townhouse in its own right, but for the grand occasion, there is the Royal Residence, 3,500 square-metres of immaculate, light-soaked interiors and ocean-wide views. The Residence accommodates up to 12 adults and features a private teppanyaki restaurant (in the form of a Maldivian boat) looking out over the lagoon.


Superyacht Soirées

If the shore, or even the shallows, remain too close to land for your liking, perhaps the MY Vittaveli 85-foot superyacht might mix up your stay. Guests can combine accommodations during their time at Jumeirah Vitavelli, allowing them to experience the Maldives from the water. A mobile manor, guests aboard the MY Vittaveli can explore nearby uninhabited islands, fish the deep seas, and even toast the sun’s dying rays from the yacht’s state-of-the-art Jacuzzi. 

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Eco-friendly Ice Rink

You’d be forgiven for thinking it's a mirage, but Jumeirah Vittaveli is home to a beachside open-air ice rink, just steps away from the water. The rink was opened last year by Olympic medallist Evgeni Plushenko and uses the revolutionary material Glice® to ensure a zero-energy level.


Cold Feet

The Maldives have always been synonymous with destination weddings, but before Jumeirah Vittaveli, each special occasion was a grounded affair. Not anymore — the on-site, open-air chapel sits serenely on the water, filled with the graceful hymns of lulling waves. And, for the bride and groom, the walk down the aisle has never been so magical, with the glass walkway looking straight into the turquoise lagoon below.


Maharajan Menu

Every dish at Jumeirah Vittaveli’s six restaurants is an intricate affair. Yet one dining experience goes above and beyond, to ensure perhaps the most memorable meal of your entire life; the Swarna Gold Menu. Available at 2,000 USD per person, the meal combines the world’s most exclusive ingredients including, the near-impossible-to-procure, Iranian caviar and Rajasthani Khasi lamb. An added flavour is included with each course, too, in the form of edible, high-purity gold (even the pink Himalayan salt has been gilded for your pleasure). We call it Rose Gold. 

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Tantalising Talise

Jumeirah Vittaveli’s award-winning Talise Spa has a menu almost as decadent as the Swarna Gold. Its treatments combine cutting-edge research with the most undiscovered range of restorative ingredients. The Spa’s speciality is in anti-ageing, with techniques including sonic wave and LED therapy, and materials such as ila’s unique BosTriWell® and hyaluronic extract.


Coconut Creations

Jumeirah Vittaveli sits on an atoll that's teeming with natural resources. Chief of these is the coconut, or 'kaashi' in the local Dhivehi dialect. At Jumeirah Vittaveli, every resident coconut is collected and used to enhance our guests’ stay. Souvenirs are crafted from the fruit’s shell, while the juice inside is used extensively at the bar. Most preciously, oil is extracted from the leftover coconut, which can be bought by guests or used in signature massage treatments. Additionally, guests can learn how the oil is extracted, with a coconut masterclass. 

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Shipwreck Scuba

Jumeirah Vittaveli is surrounded by no less than six sunken ships, each a utopia for colourful collections of dazzling fish. The furthest is only a few minutes away by boat, with the two nearest part of the in-house reef. Wrecks range from small vessels to a cargo ship and, as a result, a vast array of marine life is on display in the surrounding waters.


Good-for-the-gills Golf Balls

At Jumeirah Vittaveli, guests can practice their drives on the picturesque jetty, sending golf balls soaring across the blue sky into the lagoon below. But these aren’t just any golf balls; Jumeirah Vittaveli uses Ecobioballs, the first and only golf ball in the world which dissolves into fish food. 36 hours after a record-breaking swing, fish will flock to the feast laid out before them.