Wanderlust10 must-try activities in the Maldives

From diving to yoga, get the most out of this beautiful island nation

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Jet off on a flyboard or lie on the beach; the Maldives is about doing as much or as little as you like.  Here are 10 of the best Maldives activities, to help you get the most out of this beautiful island nation.


Unwind with a spa treatment

Escaping to the Maldives is all about indulging in some relaxing ‘me time’, so make the most of it with a pampering spa treatment. At Talise Spa you can enjoy a massage or body scrub with hand-harvested products from Bolifushi Island.


Jet off on a flyboard

Soar like a seagull and dive like a dolphin as you flyboard around the Indian Ocean. This exhilarating hydropropulsion experience is one of the Maldives’ most adrenaline-filled activities. Swoop through the air before being propelled beneath the waves, leaving a foamy trail in your wake.

Jumeirah Vittaveli flyboarding


Flex your yoga muscles

The Maldives’ peaceful surroundings pair perfectly with calming activities like yoga. Why not take a sunrise or sunset class to restore balance while the soothing sounds of the ocean enhance your savasana pose? 


Try ice-skating

Ice skating? In the Maldives? Yes, Jumeirah Vittaveli is home to an ice rink by the beach – the Maldives’ first. Swap your sunlounger for skates and hop from sand to ice to glide around this innovative artificial rink. 

Jumeirah Vittaveli Ice skating


Try your hand at fishing

Embark on an ocean adventure and test your angling skills on this traditional Maldivian activity. Heading out on the high seas, you can cast your line into the deep, and with any luck, reel in a catch. Spotting the occasional dolphin is an added bonus. 


Saddle up and go cycling

With no roads, cycling is the easiest form of transport in the Maldives and the perfect way to enjoy the island’s natural beauty. Hop on two wheels and pedal through rainforest trails and past azure lagoons at your own pace. 

couple cycling


See aquatic wonders in a semi-submarine

If you fancy going eye-to-eye with manta rays without getting wet, this experience is for you. Jumeirah Vittaveli’s semi-submarine takes you on an exciting marine tour of the resort’s reef so you can observe the aquatic ecosystem in comfort.


Go diving

On land, you only witness half of the Maldives’ beauty – the rest hides beneath the ocean waves. The best way to get up close with these underwater wonders is on a scuba dive. Sink into the warm waters and explore psychedelic coral reefs and shipwrecks patrolled by lionfish.

Jumeirah Vittaveli scuba diving


Savour a romantic sunset dinner on the beach

Bottle of champagne, sand underfoot and a dreamy shoreline panorama; there’s no better way to spend quality time with your loved one in the Maldives than on a romantic dinner for two under the stars.


Do as little as possible

You’re on an island paradise, so the best way to spend your time in the Maldives is by doing as little as possible. Sink into a hammock and nod off to the sound of gentle waves lapping the shores.

Jumeirah Vittaveli beach hammock_16-9


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