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A is for art
With three Art Suites, decorated with murals and paintings by Wassily Kandinsky, Piet Mondrian and Joan Miró, the hotel is dedicated to the appreciation of modern art.

B is for Beauty
Offering a range of bespoke wellness programmes, such as Mind Reset and Intensive Skin Rejuvenation, our holistic spa is a soothing sanctuary that leaves guests feeling rested and revived.

C is for Caprese cuisine
Every Italian region has its own cooking traditions. Caprese Salad made with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and sweet basil, as well as deliciously rich Raviolo Capresi, mean the Mediterranean island is no exception. Taste them both at the wonderful Bistrot Ragù.

Jumeirah Capri Palace Bistrot Ragu Outdoor Dining Area

D is for dessert

A selection of sweet sensations await diners at Il Riccio, where a meal concludes with a visit to the enticingly named Temptation Room. Here, Italian pastries such as a deliciously flaky sfogliatelle and dark chocolate and almond Torta Caprese are served against a backdrop of bright majolica tiles.

E is for exercise
Maintaining a healthy body and mind is all about keeping active so, in between soaking up Capri’s natural beauty, guests can enjoy a range of outdoor fitness programmes from personal training and pilates to aqua-gym and yoga classes.

F is for fish
Executive Chefs Andrea Migliaccio's and Salvatore Elefante’s menu is all about sparkling seafood dishes that are designed to be shared and savoured on Il Riccio’s terrace. Start with the Plateau Royal’s celebration of raw offerings before swirling your fork through a plate of signature spaghetti alla chitarra with sea urchins.

G is for gin and tonic
The Italian art of aperitivo – enjoying an evening drink alongside a nibble to eat – is taken to new heights thanks to Bar degli Artisti’s collection of 210 premium gins and 30 tonics that are expertly paired to create the perfect, ice-cold G&T.

Jumeirah Capri Palace Bar degli Artisti Lounge

H is for handcrafted
The work of the island’s gifted artisans can be spotted throughout the 18th-century-style Neapolitan palazzo’s interiors – from midnight-black marble features to colourful ceramic tiles.

I is for island living
Sitting pretty in the Gulf of Naples, Capri’s scenic coastline is studded with coves and caves that are just waiting to be discovered. Most famous is the mesmerising Blue Grotto and its eye-catching azure waters, which can be accessed by boat.

J is for Jumeirah
Since opening in 1960, the 68-room Capri Palace quickly put the charming hilltop town of Anacapri on the map, and we are thrilled that it joined Jumeriah’s suite of lavish European properties in 2019.

K is for kitchen
That is, chefs Andrea and Salvatore’s Kitchen, which is just one of several themed tasting menus served at L’Olivo. The gastronomic journey moves through several courses, including the restaurant’s signature dish, the lemon-scented homemade tagliolini pasta with burrata cheese, red prawns, and sea asparagus.

L is for Leg School
Developed by medical director Professor Francesco Canonaco, the Leg School offers a range of targeted spa treatments that are designed to improve circulation and oxygenate tissue, leaving legs looking and feeling fantastic.

M is for massage
Eastern and Western therapeutic practices combine to excellent effect at the Capri Medical Spa – from the acupressure Mai Thai massage to ancient Chinese-style reflexology treatments and Japanese-inspired Shiatsu sessions.

N is for nutrition
While Capri Palace’s restaurants offer a range of delicious dining opportunities, the Capri Medical Spa provides guests with a nutritional (and nourishing) education by giving diet consultations, lifestyle analyses and food intolerance tests to identify individual goals for a healthier life.

O is for oenophiles
Wine lovers should immerse themselves in La Dolce Vita Cellar, which is home to more than 10,000 bottles from Italy and around the world. Sommelier-led private tastings promise to reveal delicious drops and introduce delicious food and wine pairing pointers.

P is for parties
From weddings to birthdays and family gatherings, Capri Palace’s planning team and catering service make organising any extravaganza effortlessly easy.

Q is for Quartz
One of four jewel-themed day spa programmes available at the Capri Medical Spa (alongside Coral, Turquoise and Aquamarine), the Quartz package includes a hot-stone ritual, an age-reverse facial, manicure and blow-dry. Guests emerge looking immaculate and ready for whatever the evening holds.

R is for renowned gastronomy
Capri Palace Jumeirah takes its guests on a culinary journey expressing the best
aspects of Mediterranean cuisine, combining both tradition and innovation. This approach lead to important achievement, such as having the only two-Michelin-starred on the island, that is L’Olivo.

S is for stars
From the kind that can be seen twinkling in the clear Mediterranean night sky to the two Michelin stars awarded to the property’s iconic restaurant L'Olivo.

Jumeirah Capri Palace Il Riccio Evening DJ

T is for terrace
The private pool and terrace of the Presidential Paltrow suite offers the ultimate uninterrupted escape, while every guest is invited to the property’s various outdoor dining areas.

U is for ‘Untitled’ by Keith Haring
Just one of the many pieces of art on display in The White Museum. Step into the property’s gallery to witness an assortment of works that have been assembled over the years by Capri Palace founder, Tonino Cacace.

V is for Velasco Vitali
Cooling off never looked so good thanks to Italian artist Velasco Vitali’s artfully arranged mosaic tiles that decorate the floor of the 40-metre swimming pool and are intended to remind swimmers of a sail.

Capri Palace Jumeirah_Main_Pool

W is for wraps
Beach-ready bodies begin with a wrap treatment – for example the detoxifying Algotherapy offer, which combines marine algae and mineral extracts.

X is… a kiss
Providing a picturesque backdrop to hundreds of honeymoons, the intimate atmosphere at Capri Palace means it has become a beloved destination along couples.

Y is for yachts

To enjoy Capri’s beautiful scenery from the sea, board a motor-yacht and set sail past the towering Faraglioni rock formations and the gaze at the marvellous modern architecture of Villa Malaparte. Slightly further afield, the island of Ischia and picture-perfect Positano on the Amalfi Coast await.

Z is for Zuma
Nestled on the rooftop of the hotel, Zuma Capri, the third italian entry of the world-renowned izakaya restaurant, offers contemporary Japanese cuisine and cocktails on the background of Capri's most stunning sunset.