A foodie’s guide to Capri

The island’s most evocative delicacies


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The first tourists to arrive on the glamorous Italian island of Capri were Romans, drawn by its ravishing natural beauty. Dramatic cliffs drop down into the azure Mediterranean, cobbled footpaths are shaded by colourful bougainvillaea and sea caves are flooded with a vivid blue, ethereal light. After a day of exploring, and as the sun dips beyond the horizon across the Gulf of Naples, it’s time to sample the natural flavours of the island. 

Fresh seafood

Capri has a rich culinary heritage centred around fresh seafood and local produce. Guests at Capri Palace Jumeirah can explore the best local cuisine coupled with panoramic sea views from ourclifftop restaurant, which looks out over the famous Blue Grotto. At Il Riccio Restaurant & Beach Club, we celebrate fresh seafood from clams and prawns to tuna and cuttlefish, all caught fresh from the Gulf of Naples. The local waters are particularly rich in prawns and pezzogna (a red seabream) as well as totani, a local squid. It’s a feast of uniquely Mediterranean flavours created by Executive Chefs Andrea Migliaccio and Salvatore Elefante. Wash it down with an icy glass of limoncello, a deliciously sweet liquor most probably invented in Capri. And then why not end your meal with a visit to the Temptation Room, Il Riccio’s shrine dedicated to pastries and sweets. 


Sweets laid out at Il Riccio Restaurant & Beach Club


Michelin stars

Capri Palace Jumeirah is home to the only two Michelin-starred restaurant on the island, L’Olivo, where the Executive Chefs reinterpret the region’s traditional cuisine using the island’s fresh produce. Here, guests can indulge in the restaurant’s signature dish -- the lemon-scented homemade tagliolini pasta with burrata cheese, accompanied by red prawns and sea asparagus -- all while admiring spectacular views of the Gulf of Naples together. 

L'Olivo restaurant at Capri Palace Jumeirah

At Il Riccio, also overlooking the Gulf of Naples, Caprese cuisine is given a contemporary twist by Executive Chefs Andrea Migliaccio and Salvatore Elefante. Il Riccio’s signature dish is in fact spaghetti alla chitarra with fresh sea urchins, made from just a few simple ingredients and yet so rich in flavour. Sea urchins have a long Mediterranean tradition, supposedly served to Hercules at his wedding by Hebe, the goddess of youth. They have a very delicate flavour: salty, yet sweet with a slightly musky/smoky taste, and are most often served raw. Paired with a glass of fragrant Italian white wine, this dish gives a true taste of Capri. Another dish worth trying in Capri is scialatielli, pasta with irregular, hand-cut shapes cooked with seafood, created in the 1960s by Chef Enrico Cosentino.

Sea urchins

Wood-fired pizzas

While gazing out to the glittering Gulf of Naples in the relaxing yet sophisticated setting at Bistrot Ragù, guests can indulge in authentic pizzas prepared in our traditional wood-fired oven. Pizza Marinara is topped with San Marzano tomatoes, anchovies from the Cantabrian sea, red garlic and oregano. Pizza Calzone al Forno is filled with ricotta cheese, mozzarella, salami and black pepper, while Pizza Monte Solaro is covered with mozzarella from Massa Lubrense, sweet peppers, eggplant, zucchini and basil. Guests can also explore the full menu which includes ravioli Capresi, spaghetti alle vongole, parmigiana di melanzane and a delicious seafood tartare trio.

A woodfired pizza

To discover the magical island of Capri and its feast of flavours, email our reservations team at: reservations@capripalace.com or Tel: +39 081 9780111.