The enduring generosity of Jumeirah’s hospitality

Inspiring change through our Arabian heritage

The enduring generosity of Jumeirah’s hospitality

Inspiring change through our Arabian heritage

Our story begins thousands of years ago, beneath the Arabian Peninsula’s starlit sky. Among golden sands laced with traditions and poetry, long before Dubai’s skyline sparkled with Jumeirah’s landmark hotels.

The world was vastly different from the one we know today. Trade routes from East to West, and West to East, converged in the Arabian Peninsula. With few travellers ever completing the full journey, this region soon became the meeting point for the world’s greatest explorers.

It was on these paths, under the cool night sky in the undulating deserts of our homeland, that travellers from around the world were drawn to the warmth of our fires. A glowing light in the distance served as a beacon of hospitality and community.

True to our Arabian culture, travellers were welcomed without question, generously, from the heart. For anyone who asked, shelter and protection were offered, along with a nourishing meal, and a comfortable place to rest.

This custom of Arabian hospitality is the origin of Jumeirah’s culture, which inspires everything we do today.

It was within the communities that gathered around these glowing fires where the world came together. Ideas of culture and commerce, art and science were shared. Friendships were made, joyful moments found. The epicentre of cultural exchange, inspirational thinking, and an opportunity to understand a different perspective of the world.

Thousands of years later, the origins of Arabian hospitality continue to inform our culture, passed down through generations.

As we write the next chapter in our story, we promise to enrich the experiences of our guests with the same generosity shared by our ancestors around those glowing fires so many years ago.

As we continue to grow, so does our community, sharing ideas that redefine our guests’ perspectives and expectations, influencing global conversation, inspiring and enriching cultures around the world.

We craft spaces with intent, drawing inspiration from the local communities we embrace and the heritage of our culture.

We live the promise of our words through the generosity of our actions. We cherish our neighbourhoods and build lifelong bonds that go beyond the ordinary. Delighting in the beauty of a life well led.

Jumeirah continues to write its legacy, inviting the world to join us…