ActivitiesWinter wonderland adventures in the Vogelsberg

Easily reached from Frankfurt, this mountain range transforms into a magical winter wonderland under a blanket of snow

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Easily accessible from Frankfurt, the magnificent Vogelsberg mountains combine active adventure with altitude. Here, snow-capped volcanic peaks rise up to 773m above sea level, offering breath-taking views over the rolling range. Ascend them to explore this lyrical landscape through a selection of alpine sports, and wind down afterward with a warming après-ski treat at Jumeirah Frankfurt.


Cycle through snow on special fat-tyred bikes

Also known as snow bikes, fat bikes were originally invented in Alaska to make winter mountain biking not just possible, but pleasurable. Hop on a specially-adapted bicycle courtesy of Kokopelli Mountain Bike College and take to the trails, negotiating even the deepest drifts with ease. Along the way, admire the otherworldly volcanic landscapes, spotting the numerous birds for which the Vogelsberg (bird mountain) was named. At the top, you’ll be rewarded with sweeping views over frosted forests.

fat biking in vogelsberg

Hike over ice in snowshoes

As summer’s lakes become ice rinks and alpine meadows are covered in deep carpets of snow, strap on a pair of oversized snowshoes at the Taufsteinhütte ski centre and go for a bracing ice hike. It takes a few steps to master the art of placing the snow-flattening footwear, but once you’ve got it, there’ll be no stopping you. Take a guided tour and soak up the glittering, frozen ponds of Nidda, volcanic formations dripping with icicles and twisting forest trails, straight out of a fairy tale.

Snowshoe hiking in the vogelsberg


Sled the longest slope in Hesse

For less active but no less exciting fun, rent a toboggan, traditional wooden sled or a simple plastic seat at the Breungeshainer Hang. Set on the Hoherodskopf, the range’s second-tallest peak at 763m, this steep slope is the region’s longest and most famous, and reaching the top is easy by ski lift after an exhilarating race to the bottom. Whilst the slope isn’t for younger children, there’s a mini one they’ll be delighted to whizz down safely. When you’ve had all the adrenaline you can take, adults can enjoy a steaming mulled wine and children can sip sweet hot chocolate at the nearby alpine hut.

Sledding in the Vogelsberg


Skiing and snowboarding

For lovers of more classic snowsports, Breungeshainer Hang/Rennwiese is also home to almost a mile of pristine ski slopes, located at between 580-745m of altitude and cutting through Vogelsberg Nature Park. Averaging around 20cm of snow throughout the colder months, it’s a reliable winter destination for skiers and snowboarders, and with several easy blue runs, a moderate red run or two and a children’s slope, it’s family-friendly, too. A picturesque restaurant serving regional cuisine, frequent service points and charming alpine huts complete the picture.

Snowboarding in the Vogelsberg

Discover the Vogelsberg under snow through these and other exciting sports with a winter stay at Jumeirah Frankfurt.