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Have you ever wondered what the secret to an incredibly delicious meal is? To us, it's these three: High-quality ingredients, seasonality, and simplicity. As we continue to keep one another safe, allow us to inspire you to create a world of difference in your life by sharing our all-time favourite recipes curated by our passionate chefs.

Lobster Bisque with an Austrian twist


Jumeirah Frankfurt Max On One Starter

Creamy, light, and incredibly delicious. This lobster bisque is the epitome of French delights and can be served throughout the year. Add an Alpine taste to the dish with an Austrian classic called "Kaspressknödel". 

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Lobster Rolls, the ultimate quick bite


Lobster Roll with crisps

The first bite of this classic lobster sandwich brings you straight into a summer-by-the-sea mood. The origin of lobster rolls dates back to the 1920s and we totally understand why it is still so famous. Delicious lobster meat, soft brioche, and freshness added by avocado and lime.

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