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The concept store’s Anna Pflaum gives her top tips for the city

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The Listener is a stylish clothing outlet, firmly entrenched in Frankfurt’s fashion, culture and design scenes. A short walk from Jumeirah Frankfurt, this trendsetting concept store features a range of carefully curated products by established and up-and-coming designers from around the world.

You can find anything, from clothing through to handcrafted accessories, hand cream, shoes, travel guides and even house plants – beautifully laid out in a spacious environment with sleek lines, wooden shelving, chrome light-shades and white-tiled walls. This is topped off by an upstairs bar, staffed by baristas known for brewing some of the finest coffee in town. 

Jumeirah Frankfurt Coffee on Books

We spoke to Anna Pflaum, creative director at The Listener, about Frankfurt, and why the store should be on your itinerary.


Can you tell us a bit about how The Listener began, and how it has evolved?

We felt that Frankfurt was missing a place where people could come together and share their love of music, art and fashion. Our store was born out of this desire. Today, our central focus is to create a space that closes the gap between high fashion and contemporary design.


Who is involved in The Listener?

There are 25 people working for the store, which fosters an exciting, collaborative atmosphere. This is important to us, and shapes much of what we do. Our team is led by myself and Hakan Temür.


What do you stock in your store?

An ever-changing selection of goods and necessities to help us live our lives in a positive way. We offer a personal selection of fashion and interior design, as well as our favourite drinks and day-to-day accessories.

Sunglasses and accessories closeup

What is the fashion scene like in Frankfurt?

Frankfurt is known for stylish business attire, and for this, a tailored suit and tie combined with a good quality coat is a must. When it comes to the younger generation, the focus is more on streetwear.


Who are the young designers we should be looking out for?

Alyx Studio is one. They draw inspiration from a wide selection of sources, which is definitely something we can identify with. Adererror from South Korea also brings something new to the fashion scene, with innovative aesthetics and cuts, and a really creative way of communicating their concept.


What future trends do we need to be aware of?

Inspiration from the past is always something to look out for. Tailored silhouettes, a nice coat and some good shoes or boots.


Where do you go shopping in Frankfurt?

I like to go to Kleinmarkthalle Frankfurt, a modern market hall with 60 different traders under one roof. They have achieved the perfect balance, fusing a traditional market atmosphere with modern international specialities. If you go there, try a glass of wine at Frankfurts Grüne Soße (Frankfurt Green Sauce), and for the best sausage you’ll ever eat, head to Gref-Völsing Rindswurst. You’ll have to queue though.

Man and woman observing wine racks at Jumeirah Frankfurt


Where do you go to eat, drink and play in Frankfurt?

When I have a desire to eat good quality meat, I go to Vai Vai. For delicious pastrami sandwiches it’s always Maxie Eisen. For the best view over the city, definitely Franziska, and its excellent German cuisine. For modern Japanese food I go to Moriki. If you prefer a more traditional Japanese experience, pay a visit to Iwase. It’s a two-minute walk from "The Listener.” 


If you could only do one thing while you were staying in Frankfurt, what would it be?

Drink a coffee at our in-store bar, and plan your next trip with lots of insider recommendations from our team.