Outdoor adventures in Hatta

Discover the extraordinary natural beauty of this historic town outside of Dubai


Outdoor adventures in Hatta

Discover the extraordinary natural beauty of this historic town outside of Dubai

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Head an hour-and-a-half out of Dubai’s city centre and you’ll find this little slice of heaven high up in the Hajar Mountains. Famous for its mammoth undulating peaks and turquoise pools, swap skyscrapers for natural scenery and explore the mountain town of Hatta – the perfect place to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. 


Kayak on a dam

Cradled only by craggy mountainscapes, the Hatta Dam lake is something quite extraordinary. Built in the 1990s to bring electricity and water to the area, the reservoir today is a photo-ready picture of electric blue waters and a backdrop of rugged peaks. Aside from the Instagram-ready photo ops, this eerily barren expanse is best-loved for its cool and calming waters. Rent a single or double kayak and lose a few hours soaking up the scenery as you paddle leisurely past.

Hatta Dam in the sun jumeirah dubai istock


Hike or bike the Hatta Mountains

This attractive town is surrounded by mountains, and there’s no more scenic way to take in the views than strolling or cycling through the picturesque hills. Heading out for a hike is perhaps an underrated activity when visiting Dubai, but it’s a lovely way to wind through the wadis or to reach stunning vantage points with panoramic views. Alternatively, grab a bike and try out some cycling on the Hatta Mountain Bike Trail. This dedicated collection of well-marked bike routes has been curated to suit cyclists of all levels and is the perfect fresh-air outing for any city-dwellers looking to head back to nature. Hit the pedals at sunrise for the best (and coolest) views, and keep your eyes peeled for wildlife – the Hatta Mountain Conservation Area is home to the largest population of the endangered Arabian tahr.

Hiking trail in hatta mountains jumeirah dubai istock


See a 2000-year-old village

Not all outdoor adventures need to be a leg burner, and the Hatta Heritage Village is the perfect place to slow down the pace. This small ancient village tells the important story of old Dubai; a landmark glimpse taking you back more than 2000 years, see how the original inhabitants used to live when you wander around the perfectly preserved old houses and restored ancient fort. Trek to the top of the old 19th-century defensive tower for the best views looking over this historic village setting.

Hatta heritage village jumeirah istock


Up the adrenaline at Hatta Wadi Hub

For a marvellous medley of adrenaline-inducing activities, schedule in a stop at the Hatta Wadi Hub. This al fresco adventure destination is a must-visit for thrill-seekers. Tick off axe-throwing, zip-lining, archery and giant zorbing balls, or head for the cooler waters of the ‘Drop In’ – the adventure centre’s aptly-named epic slip and slide.

Zip-lining at hatta wadi hub jumeirah dubai


Take some time out of from the city and plan a scenic trip to the mountain town of Hatta – a gorgeous getaway around 90 minutes in the car from our Dubai hotels.

To download a full guide to Hatta, including more exciting activities and a map to help you explore, please click here