DiningMichael Ellis reveals Jumeirah’s new gastronomy strategy

Culinary expert and former Global Head of the Michelin Guides, on new concepts to drive dining excellence

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Michael Ellis is a leading figure in the food and drink industry. Having acted as Global Head for Europe, Asia and the Americas at the prestigious Michelin Guide, his career in hospitality dates back to when he started working as a busboy aged 13.

Ellis is the protagonist in our mission to make dining the centrepiece of any Jumeirah experience. We met with him to find out how he plans to turn every meal into a special occasion. 

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How do you go about developing a new dining concept?

It’s important to think about the dining experience as a whole, not just a sum of the parts. We start by thinking about what our guests would like to eat, and what environment they would like in terms of the ambiance, the music and lighting. Our objective is to create a memorable experience for our guests, to inspire them to return, and to talk about our restaurant with their friends.


How do you settle on a particular cuisine for the new restaurant?

Several different criteria are looked at in the beginning: what is currently on offer in the immediate vicinity, and how will the new concept fit in with our existing restaurants? What is the profile of the guests we want to attract, and what is the price point they are looking for? There is always an element of risk when we, or any operator, decides to launch a new concept. We try to limit the downside risk by having the best possible execution in food, service and atmosphere. 


Who are the diners you’re looking to attract with any new restaurant?

Our in-house hotel guests are certainly a very important part of our clientele, and we need to make sure that we are providing the dining experience they are looking for. But we also have to consider other key guests, such as visitors staying in other hotels, the local Emirati population and expats. The proliferation of new dining establishments in Dubai over the last few years has meant more competition, but we’re confident that our offer has something for everyone.


How important is the design of a new restaurant?

I’ve noticed that in Dubai, the look and feel of a restaurant can be just as important as the food, so we’re taking a close look at what we can do to create venues that are attractive, fun and comfortable.

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How do you try to stay ahead of the competition?

The key to being competitive is to understand what your guests want, and to stay fresh and fun, while delivering top-notch cuisine. Success in our profession is based on our ability to execute a vision, and I think Jumeirah has shown that we have what it takes to succeed.


Which is your favourite Jumeirah restaurant?

If you asked me what my favourite 10 restaurants at Jumeirah were that would be slightly easier. I’ve visited and eaten at virtually all of the Jumeirah restaurants in Dubai, and I found something in all of them that made me want to return. I especially like the tempura shrimp at Summersalt, the sea bass at Rockfish, the Kimchi-marinated flank steak at The Hide and the Tres Leches cake at Tortuga.


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