WanderlustHow to see Dubai in style

Enjoy a stylish visit with these elegant ways of exploring the city

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A Rolls-Royce welcome

There’s no better way to unwind after a long flight than in the luxury of a Rolls-Royce. Leave the stress of hotel transfers to others while you sink into your mobile palace and drink in Dubai’s energy from the spacious, air-conditioned back seat. Guests of Dubai Burj Al Arab, can book this unforgettable welcome.


Supercar rental

Roar through the city in a glossy Lamborghini for a dose of fast and furious style. Jumeirah’s exclusive collection of Aston Martins, Ferraris and Lamborghinis are available to rent, and are the perfect way to explore the spacious boulevards of downtown Dubai.

Jumeirah Burj Al Arab Car Fleet Exploring Dubai in Style


Private yacht

Escape to the cerulean waters of the coast on your own private yacht. Chartered luxury yachts come equipped with spa facilities, spacious cabins and an onboard team of hospitality experts. Your very own butler, chef, and hostess will accompany you wherever you wish. Drift offshore and dive into Dubai’s marine life or pop a cork on deck as the setting sun paints Dubai gold.




For an aerial view of the Emirate, take to the sky in a seaplane through Seawings. With tours focusing on Dubai’s heritage and its modern highlights, sightseers can experience the thrill of taking off and landing on the calm ripples of Dubai’s waterways. While airborne, the scale of Dubai’s breathtaking developments come into view; from the majestic Palm Islands to the soaring Burj Khalifa.


Desert safari

Take to the Dubai dunes in a rugged 4x4 jeep. Affectionately dubbed ‘dune-bashing’, desert safaris combine the adrenaline of rally racing with the magnificent majesty of the natural world. Arrive just in time for sunset for a striking spectacle and experience the raw beauty of Dubai’s deserts as you fly off one dune and rev up into another.


From a Rolls-Royce welcome to a dream car rental, allow Jumeirah to arrange your transport in Dubai.